Puppy Time


Some college students have found a new way to alleviate their stress.

A university in Novia Scotia Canada has opened a puppy room for students to use during finals week.

For three days during this past week, the students spent time with therapeutic dogs brought in by Therapeutic Paws of Canada.

The student who proposed the idea says it fills a niche that the super stressed students desperately need.

And the students seem to agree; since the offer was posted on Facebook the news has rapidly spread around the school and to nearby schools who are considering a similar idea.

A spokesperson from Therapeutic Paws says all of the dogs who are attending the event come from family homes and are comfortable interacting with large groups of people.  read more »

Grab a Pillow


Need some stress relief; grab a pillow.

For the fifth year in a row hundreds of Chinese gathered in Shanghai to send 2011 out with a massive pillow fight. And this time around so many people needed the outlet that two days of fighting was planned.

Eleven Wang is the organizer behind the event. He says there are many white collar workers and students facing extra economic pressure. He says with college bills piling up and bosses demanding extra work people need a healthy way to deal with their emotions. And if they need something to blame, they can write down the name of their boss, teacher or subject of stress and put it in the pillow.  read more »

A Stressful Environment


If you’re feeling a little stressed these days chances are you’re not alone. In fact, most of your neighbors are feeling the exact same way.

Earlier this week the Associated Press released their list of the 20 most economically stressed counties and the 20 least stressed. A county’s economic stress index is a score from one to 100 based on unemployment, foreclosure and bankruptcy rates. A county that scores above 11 is considered economically distressed.  read more »

A Stress Free Device


Stress is part of every job and day traders face it more than most. But now there's a way to make sure their emotions aren't costing big bucks.

The Netherlands based Philips Electronics and ABN AMRO recently unveiled "The Rationalizer," a prototype aimed at sensing the stress levels of traders so they can take some time out, wind down and consider the financial implications of their actions. Users of the device will wear an emo bracelet that senses your stress level and makes an accompanying bowl change color from yellow to red as the emotions become more intense.  read more »