Tough Love


Crime doesn’t pay and in one case it’s downright embarrassing.

During his spring break from his Denver school 12-year-old Joseph Gonzalez was forced to stand on a street corner holding a sign. It read “I am a thief, I took money from a family member, don’t give me money.” Gonzalez was forced to hold the sign for ten hours after his dad discovered that he had taken $100 from a cousin’s wallet.

And along with the public display of embarrassment his father also made him go to his school and tell administrators and campus police what he had done. When asked if he thought the punishment was to extreme his dad said no. He says everyone makes mistakes when they are around his son’s age and it’s all about being corrected so you won’t do it again.  read more »

The World's Greatest Heists


Planning a get rich quick scheme? You wouldn’t be the first.

Throughout time people have begged, borrowed and stolen to get ahead. And some of those thieves pulled of a scam so big, they’ve landed everywhere from jail to the silver screen to MSN’s list of the world’s ten best heists. Some of which remain unsolved today.

On the list is the Antwerp diamond heist. In February of 2003 thieves got through a state of the art security system at a diamond center in Belgium. They made off with $100 million of uncut diamonds, making this the largest diamond theft in history. Investigators believe it was an inside job and while the jewels were never recovered most of the men involved, including the ringleader were arrested and currently serving time in jail.  read more »