starting your own business

Launching Your Own Business


Think you need help launching the next big thing. Maybe you already have everything you need.

Mark Thompson is a bestselling author and senior executive coach. He works with executive leaders to grow their business, grow themselves and be able to drive change in their organizations. He says one of the biggest mistakes people ready to strike out on their own make is hiring a consultant.  read more »

Shark Tank


It's better to be a large fish in a small pond; unless that pond is a shark tank.

I recently spoke with Kevin Harrington, one of the original investors on the show “Shark Tank.” It gives entrepreneurs a chance to pitch the “sharks” hoping to score a little capitol.

“The amount of activity was so unbelievable that i had to really pick which ones i was going to invest in.”

Harrington says it's important to avoid being star of the show and know when to bring in a little backup.

“Don't necessarily try it 100% yourself, give up a little piece of the pie if you have too and bring in a mentor bring in a board of advisers to help you out because you'll get there a lot faster with a lot fewer bumps in the road.”  read more »



Striking out in the business world; the first step is to prioritize.

Michael Levy is the president and founder of Pet Food Express. A chain of northern California stores that stretch from Carmel to the Sacramento area. He opened his first store in 1980 so he has seen more than a few economic downturns. But while the pet industry has proved recession proof there is always room to improve. Levy says it’s important for business owners to understand there are always opportunities to not just survive, but improve.

“When you think you’re that good you’re not. You always have an ability to grow and get better as long as you want to do that the business will have the best possibility of improving.”

Levy says an important step is knowing what your company stands for.  read more »

The Road Less Traveled

Ready to enter the work force; consider the road less traveled.

Marion Freijsen is the COO of San Francisco based A company that provides guidance, financing and mentorship to entrepreneurs. A new career path she says is doing away with the common way of thinking.

“It used to be that the automatic process was that you go to school then you go find a great job and you stay there as long as possible and reap in the benefits of social security and what have you. I think people are beginning to see that that is no longer the case.”

Marion says the economy has made the business world less stable. With cutbacks and downsizing, landing a big time job isn’t the score it used to be.  read more »