Starbucks needs to free up some space and they’re disconnecting customers to do it.

Some Starbucks coffee shops in New York City are getting so fed up with the power sucking laptop users they are cutting off their source of power. In order to make more room for customers to sit and enjoy their caffeine fix managers have begun blocking the electrical outlets.

Alan Hilowitz is a Starbucks spokesman and says the company’s customers are asking for it. He says most of the time people buy their coffee and pastry and have nowhere to sit down in their high volume locations. Hilowitz says the decision is made by a case by case basis and so far only a few big apple locations are blocking the sockets.  read more »

A Quick Caffine Fix


Desperate for your morning caffine fix? There’s an app for that.

Earlier this week about 6,800 Starbucks stores nationwide will begin accepting mobile payments. The Starbucks card mobile app is an iTunes link available on your iPhone, iPad and Blackberry. It allows you to add your Starbucks card, track rewards and reload your card using your pay pal account or a credit card. Then you hit “touch to pay” on your phone and hold up the barcode on your smart phone to a 2D scanner which will be at the register.  read more »