starbucks lawsuit

Starbucks Lawsuit


It looks like a latte flavored lawsuit against Starbucks is continuing to brew.

A federal judge in San Francisco has ruled that two customers can move forward with their plans to sue the coffee giant for under filling their drinks. The lawsuit by two people from California say that the pitchers employees use for heating milk have “fill to” lines that are too low. In addition to that the plaintiffs argue that Starbucks requires employees to leave about a quarter of an inch of free space in every drink which means customers aren't getting as much coffee as they are paying for.  read more »

Ridiculous Lawsuits


You might expect your iced coffee to contain ice, but not everyone seems to agree.

A Chicago woman is suing Starbucks for more than $5 million for allegedly putting too much ice and not enough coffee in her iced coffee. In her lawsuit, Stacy Pincus says liquid filled to the top line on a venti cup gives customers 14 ounces of coffee even though the menu says you should be receiving 24.

While this lawsuit sounds a little outrageous it's not the only one of this nature. According to a personal injury website people will do almost anything to pad their bank accounts. And to prove that point they've put together a list of some of the most ridiculous lawsuits they've seen.  read more »