south korea

The Sense of Smell


Your sense of smell can rule your mind and control your cravings; and now it’s gaining power over your bank account.

The smell of fresh food can make you hungry and the smell of certain flowers can alleviate your stress. Now one company is hoping its scent will make you open your wallet.

In South Korea Dunkin Donuts recently launched a nasal assault aimed at getting people to buy their product. And their weapons of choice; coffee and city buses. The company installed devices on mass transit buses in the capitol city of Seoul that sprayed the scent of coffee at passengers whenever a Dunkin Donuts jingle was played on the loudspeaker.  read more »

A Scantily Clad Meal


Want a little atmosphere with your lunch; head to South Korea’s newest construction site.

Seoul is taking a cue from the tank topped pages of Hooters by opening a new restaurant called Mies Container. It features an all male staff and the interior is designed to resemble a construction site. Customers are given hard hats with their order numbers. And the walls of the restaurant are covered with notes to the male staff that say things such as “dear hot waiter, please marry me.”  read more »

A Financial Incentive


When the ball dropped on the 31st, most people resolved to lost weight or save money. Why not both?

Hana Bank in South Korea has a new account that can help with two of the hardest habits for people to stick to; slimming down while bulking up your bank account. The program is called “S-line,” a Korean word that means an hourglass figure. The desired shape of most people. Once you sign up for the account you hit the gym. The more calories you burn the higher interest rate the bank will give you. If a customer loses more than 5% of their weight within the year, or holds a gym membership the bank will grant special rates.

So far the high interest savings accounts have brought in about $400 million from 50,000 customers.  read more »