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Privacy Please


Facebook has gone public; but you don’t have to go with it.

Jim Steyer is the founder and CEO of San Francisco based Common Sense Media. Recently I spoke to him about his new book “Talking Back to Facebook: The Common Sense Guide to Raising Kids in the Digital Age.” Steyer says we’re living in a digital revolution and while everyone wants to be a part of it; some might not be ready for it.

“Many kids today self reveal before they self reflect. They put stuff up on the web on their Facebook page or even in a text message before they really think about the consequences. And unfortunately today there’s no eraser button yet.”  read more »

Online Images


Looking for some online privacy; don’t apply for a job.

Last year a Yahoo tech blog reported that a North Carolina police department was requiring job applicants to provide the passwords to their social network sites. Now it seems the practice is spreading.

Anyone applying at the Maryland Department of Corrections is being asked to log into their Facebook accounts. Their potential employer then clicks through their profile to locate anything they consider inappropriate. The company says this is a voluntary part of its application process but because of the economy people are desperate for a job. And that desperation is causing them to drop their privacy walls and let anybody in.  read more »

A Social Business


Is someone else running your online social life; they could be ruining your reputation.

Social media is a powerful business tool because it’s personal, fast and unfiltered. Unfortunately a lot of businesses place that power in the hands of the inexperienced; and it becomes that company’s downfall. According to MSN Business most business executives allow junior employees or interns to manage Facebook pages and twitter feeds. But while those people might have grown up with the social sites they don’t have the business background to make their knowledge meaningful. And their lack of experience could mean bad things for your company and your career. Instead the younger more internet savvy employees should work with the business minded to put their best online foot forward.  read more »

Your Social Background


Applying for a new job? Prepare for every part of your life to be scrutinized; past, present and technical.

The practice of exploring a job seeker’s background is hardly new. But in today’s world the probe into your personal world now includes social media and your online presence. One company helping prospective employers invade your hard drive is a start up out of Santa Barbara, California.  read more »

Facebook Finding Families


Love it or hate it, social media has changed the way we live. Facebook and Twitter or LinkedIn and YouTube, now help us connect to millions of other social media users and often band together for a greater good. By example, Twitter has helped millions of victims communicate after natural disasters, from fires to hurricanes to the recent Haiti earthquake.

Consumers now have the option to participate in a true cross section of sharing tools, community websites, blogs, audio and video tools and more to create truly rich social media experiences. And that can have profound implications in our personal lives, as the dramatic story below points out.  read more »