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A Little Too Social


You might think your social media activity is private, but remember the key word there is social.

If you were wait listed for next year's incoming class at Harvard you might want to check your email. According to the university's newspaper “The Harvard Crimson” ten students who had been accepted will now have their offers rescinded because of their online activities.

According to the newspaper about 100 students formed a Facebook group for incoming freshman. Then the ten students in question splintered off and formed a smaller group chat where jokes about sexual assault, the holocaust and child abuse were shared.  read more »

Public Relations Goes Social


United Airlines is facing a public relations nightmare and social media won't let the company forget it.

Thanks to the internet and sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram incidents spread faster than companies can control them. Last week Pepsi pulled a controversial commercial following immediate backlash from social media and now United is facing the same storm.  read more »

High Tech Money


Looking to increase your bottom line? Get in touch with your high tech side.

Everyday people use technology, some are posting pictures to social media or perfecting snap chat while others are working on the next big app. But even the smallest amount of skill could turn into a little extra cash. So to help tap into some potential funds MSN Money has a few ideas of what you can do to capitalize on any talent you might have.

For example, designing a website. This can be easy because of the software available but what will set you apart is your taste, style and sense of design. And if you're good the average income for a web designer is just over $64,000 a year. Or if social media is your addiction offer to freelance as social media manager for a small company or start-up.  read more »

Mistaken Identity


In a world of tweets, snap chats and Facebook posts a case of mistaken identity can get a little messy.

During the unconventional republican convention a lot of people had a lot to say; so of course they took to social media to share it with the world. Unfortunately for some Twitter users their message hit a road block when they were sent to the wrong organization.

Turns out a police service in Canada called the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary is the first thing to pop up when you search RNC. So a slew of tweets including quote “go Trump, beat crooked Hillary” and quote “pray all is peaceful in Cleveland tonight” is going to the Canadian police force.  read more »

Snapchat Changes


It looks like snapchat is getting a little more permanent.

Snapchat is an app that allows users to send and receive picture messages and video. But here's what set it apart from other programs. Once sent these pictures and videos would vanish in about eight seconds giving you a better chance of saving face in the digital world.

But in order to remain competitive Snapchat is rolling out some new features and the latest update includes something called “memories.” All you have to do is swipe up from the bottom of your screen. This will save your snap and allow you to share it with friends as often as you like. And if you have a picture or video that's let's say a little more R-rated you can mark it as “my eyes only.”  read more »

Social Security

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Israel wants to crack down on violent activities online and it's looking to social media sites to lead the way.

The Israeli government is targeting sites such as Facebook and Twitter for what it calls failing to remove posts that incite violence against the country. The government also says that Facebook is sabotaging the nation's police force by not helping to investigate potential suspects in the west bank.

Google and Twitter are also coming under fire for quote providing material support for ISIS and other terrorist groups. Lawsuits against the companies also claim that the failure to remove ISIS propaganda is a violation of U.S. anti-terrorist law.  read more »

Social Media and Terrorism


With 140 characters or less Twitter is doing its part in the fight against terrorism.

Officials with the nonprofit Simon Wisenthal Center gave Twitter a grade of “B” when it came to fighting online activity by militant groups such as Isis. The review by the Jewish human rights organization was based on steps that Twitter had already taken and information the organization learned in face to face meetings.  read more »

Social Media Memories


2015 was a year of love and gratitude, and it was all expressed in 140 characters or less.

Twitter says the members of the boy band One Direction were responsible for half of the ten most circulated tweets, including the three most popular. One of those came from Harry Styles who tweeted quote "all the love always" when another member announced he was leaving the group. That message was seen, liked and shared by Styles' 26.3 million Twitter followers.

Coming in at number four was President Obama. On June 26th he marked the Supreme Court's decision on same sex marriage with a tweet reading quote "a big step in our march towards equality."  read more »

Social Stalking


Thanks to the power of social media, one woman's mystery has finally been answered.

With sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Periscope at your fingertips millions of people all over the world are now connected. Now your chances of tracking down that perfect stranger have become a lot more likely.

Recently a woman from Tennessee named Barbara put that to the test when she tried tracking down the man she had kissed while running the Boston marathon. She says she had kissed him on a dare by her daughter but was now hoping to see him again. So thanks to the media and word of keyboard the story eventually found its way to the right man, and unfortunately his wife.  read more »

Social Stress

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Feeling a little stressed out? Hit up social media.

According to a new survey, sites such as Twitter and Instagram can relieve stress levels; especially in women. The pew research center surveyed 1,800 Americans and found that people who spend their life online do not have higher stress levels than people who don't.

It also found that while women have higher stress levels than men, being able to share things online eases the burden. The study showed that women who tweet, respond to or send at least 25 emails a day and share at least two pictures are less stressed than women who don't. Experts say these activities are a coping mechanism not taken advantage of by everyone.  read more »