A World Cup Appetite


World cup fever is spreading and it’s being fueled by food.

When it came time to pack up and head to Brazil the Italian team loaded their bags with parmesan, olive oil and prosciutto. The U.S. team brought oatmeal, cheerios and peanut butter. And the Mexican team brought all the chili peppers they could carry. But if their own home grown food isn’t enough the U.S. and Italian teams are shelling out money to bring along a nutritionist and a chef.

Both teams have new coaches that prefer a diet of fresh food; with 80 to 90% of it made from scratch. The coaches say the team needs to perform at their best and if their diet gets them there; then it’s worth the cost. And it’s a pretty good deal for the players who are showing up to a spread of meat, vegetables and fruit.  read more »

The Psychic Pig


Paul the psychic octopus has died and now his fortune telling position has been filled.

Paul shot to fame during the 2010 World Cup after it was discovered that his feeding behavior was accurately predicting the winner of Germany’s matches. He also foretold that Spain was going to beat the Netherlands in the finals.

Now the world is looking for a new member of the animal kingdom to guide it in the right direction; and it has chosen a Ukrainian pig. The government of Kiev, located in northern Ukraine, says the pig will be used to predict the results of matches at the European championships. A statement from the government says the pig is unique and understands the mystery of the game. It says every day at 4:00 it will pick the winner of the upcoming match.  read more »

Post Mortom Soccer


Some diehard soccer fans can now take their obsession to the grave.

Fans of the Benfica soccer team can now be buried at a discount thanks to a special deal signed between the club and Portugal’s largest undertaker’s agency. And the perks for card carrying fans don’t stop there.

Their burial will also include the singing of the club’s anthem, the logo chiseled on coffins or urns and the team flag draped over your final resting place. The assistant director of the funeral home says given the massive passion these soccer fans have it made sense to bring that into funeral services.  read more »

Off the Wagon


If you’re heading to next months’ World Cup in South Africa, it seems you have one less thing to worry about.

South Africa’s biggest beer brewer says fans won’t be faced with empty cups and this year’s tournament because there will be more than enough to go around. South African Breweries is the local provider of global giant SABmiller. The company provides the country with about nine of every ten bottles of beer drunk.  read more »