Snapchat Changes


Snapchat is expanding and its new idea could change your next selfie.

Snapchat is an app that allows you to send short videos to your friends. And the best part? They disappear after only a few seconds. Now the company announced it is changing its name to Snap Inc. And debuting its first hardware product.

Called Spectacles the new product is a pair of glasses with a button near the hinge that records up to ten seconds of video from your vantage point. Each new tap of the button will record another ten seconds of video. CEO Evan Spiegel says the spectacles use a 115 degree angle lens that is wider than a typical smartphone and much closer to the eyes' natural field of view.  read more »

Snapchat Changes


It looks like snapchat is getting a little more permanent.

Snapchat is an app that allows users to send and receive picture messages and video. But here's what set it apart from other programs. Once sent these pictures and videos would vanish in about eight seconds giving you a better chance of saving face in the digital world.

But in order to remain competitive Snapchat is rolling out some new features and the latest update includes something called “memories.” All you have to do is swipe up from the bottom of your screen. This will save your snap and allow you to share it with friends as often as you like. And if you have a picture or video that's let's say a little more R-rated you can mark it as “my eyes only.”  read more »

New Friends


Facebook’s target audience is making new friends.

Facebook’s chief financial officer says teenagers are becoming less active on the site. He says the amount of teens spending more than a few minutes online is now at 56%. That’s down from 76% earlier this year. So who are they hanging out with now?

Experts say younger social media users are switching to sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and Flickr. Experts say it’s clear the big winners in the social media world are closed messaging and video and photo sharing apps. They say that could be harmful to Facebook who pushes a peer-to-peer community on a more public stage.  read more »