The Push of a Button


There's an app for everything; and now there's a button for those apps.

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier but in order to get to it you have to turn your phone on, slide some things around and launch the right app. Now one company is cutting that down with a button it calls “Flic.”

Flic is about the size of a quarter and can be assigned to a number of functions. For example if you have a smart home you can push it to dim the lights or launch Netflix. If you're out at night you can use it as a panic button. And according to Wired magazine the company is working to connect Flic with even more apps so you can do all your favorite things without picking up your phone.  read more »

A Home Grown Phone

moto x.jpg

A new smartphone is making its U.S. debut and some assembly is required.

Motorola recently announced its opening a facility in Texas to manufacture; the Moto X, the first smartphone ever assembled in the country. Motorola says the factory will create 2,000 jobs and it has already started the hiring process.

Texas governor Rick Perry is on board saying the announcement is great news for the state. He says it's not surprise big companies are drawn to Texas for its healthy economy, low taxes and fair legal system.

The factory itself will be run by a Singapore based company with a long standing relationship with Motorola. And the manufacturing move back here to the U.S. is being picked up by another major company.  read more »

Holiday Freebies


Holiday shopping is in full swing and if your bank account is in need of a break consider a purchase that comes at no cost.

To help you save a bit of cash this season MSN money has put together a list of a few things you should be able to get for free.

They are items that could save you big; including smartphones, entertainment and food. For example if you want to take the family on a cross-country road trip, check out the website “Auto Driveaway.”

It can help you find a car from someone who is moving and doesn’t want to drive their car to its new home. So you can do it for them and when it’s time for you to head back; either find another “driveaway” car or book a cheap flight.  read more »

A Hands Free Look-Out


SmartPhones keep us all connected and now they can keep us out of trouble.

Thanks to Joseph Darling there is now an app that will warn you when parking officers are spotted lurking near your car. Called “park patrol” the app allows users to sign in and report any parking officers. Cartoon faces wearing police hats than appear on a map of the area.  read more »

A Quick Caffine Fix


Desperate for your morning caffine fix? There’s an app for that.

Earlier this week about 6,800 Starbucks stores nationwide will begin accepting mobile payments. The Starbucks card mobile app is an iTunes link available on your iPhone, iPad and Blackberry. It allows you to add your Starbucks card, track rewards and reload your card using your pay pal account or a credit card. Then you hit “touch to pay” on your phone and hold up the barcode on your smart phone to a 2D scanner which will be at the register.  read more »