silicon valley

Silicon Valley


Silicon Valley is a well-recognized term to describe the part of the San Francisco bay area where ideas are made into reality. But how did it get its name?

According to the New York Times Silicon Valley was once known as “valley of the heart's delight” because of its open land and fruit orchards. But soon those orchards were replaced by three of the world's biggest tech companies; Apple, Facebook and Google's parent company, Alphabet and by the second half of the 20th century it became known as Silicon Valley.

According to the Times there remains a lot of debate over who exactly came up with the name but most people agree it was made popular in 1971 when journalist Don Hoefler used it as the title of a column.  read more »

International Ideas

station f.jpg

Entrepreneurs are looking for a new home and they've set their sights on a surprising place.

Paris, the home of art, history and wine is now becoming a popular location for people looking to launch the next big start-up or app. Earlier this month the doors opened on a new incubator called Station F. The Paris location is being billed as the world's largest ecosystem for people looking to sharpen their skills and streamline their ideas. It will be a 336,000 square foot space that can help launch one thousand startups.  read more »

Silicon Beach


Looks like Silicon Valley is branching off, and the new real estate has ocean front views.

There is a four mile stretch of beachfront property that runs from surrounds Venice and Santa Monica that is being dubbed “Silicon Beach.” The area is already home to Snapchat's parent company Snap and now eager young entrepreneurs are considering heading south away from Northern California’s bustling Silicon Valley.  read more »

The New Silicon Valley


Silicon Valley is attracting a new type of tech worker; and all they can see is dollar signs.

Recently Apple co-founder Steve Woznick told Mashable that when he and Steve Jobs were working out of a garage they were doing it because they were passionate about the project. Now he says Silicon Valley is attracting two types of people; the ones that go to business school where money is their only priority or the ones that go to engineering school and want to accomplish and create things that didn't exist before.  read more »

A Tech Bubble


California's Silicon Valley might be a bubble of innovation; but is that bubble about to burst?

Peter Thiel is the author of “Zero to One;” a book that is being billed as one of the smartest ever written to teach people about economics. And with a background that includes co-founder of PayPal and the first outside investor in Facebook Thiel is an ideal teacher.

And despite selling his company to Ebay Thiel says companies today should not be in a big hurry to sell. He also doesn’t believe that Silicon Valley is in a tech bubble. He says in the 90’s there were about 300 tech IPO’s; today there’s around 40 and consumer enthusiasm is fading.  read more »

Charge Rage


Electric cars a revving up a new form of road rage.

People in California’s Silicon Valley are making the switch from gas to electric cars. Problem is when they get to work there aren't a lot of places for them to charge up their ride. Now it's creating incidents of what's being called “charge rage.”

At one company there are 61 employees who drive electric vehicles but only 16 charging spaces. Employees say cars are getting unplugged while they are still charging. In some cases people wait by a charging car; then when it's finished call the owner and tell them to come move it.

Now in an effort to keep the peace companies are changing their polices to include rules for charging spots. Some have even set up a calendar system so people can reserve charging time.  read more »

Prison Lessons


There’s a new Silicon Valley start-up in the works; problem is the participants aren’t allowed to use the internet.

The program is run by successful entrepreneurs who work in the Silicon Valley tech world. For six months at a time they go to San Quentin state prison and work with carefully selected inmates. The program includes teaching them the in’s and outs of designing and launching technology firms. And it’s paying off.

The five graduates of the program are working real jobs at real dot coms when they get out from behind bars. Now the program has launched at the downtown Twin Towers Correctional Facility of Los Angeles.  read more »

Technology Test Labs

test lab.png

Some of the country's biggest retailers are going after a new customer; technology.

Target, Kohl's and the home shopping network QVC are among the half dozen retailers that are opening up a new type of shop in Silicon Valley. Called technology test labs the idea is to improve a company's website and create mobile shopping apps.

Retailers say these labs will help them stay on top of the latest trends in the technological world and compete with online rivals such as Amazon and eBay. Plus they need to keep up with customers. According to the National Retail Federation people are spending more than half their time online shopping with smartphones, tablets and computers. And what better place to find people in touch with technology than Silicon Valley?  read more »

The New Hollywood


There is a new Hollywood emerging and it’s a little further north.

According to the New York Times more people are becoming fascinated with the lives of the people ruling over Silicon Valley. For example the wedding of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan made the cover of People magazine and the paparazzi have followed them on every leg of their Italian honeymoon.

Ryan Tate a former gossip blogger for Gawker says more interest is being spent on people such as Zuckerberg, late Apple CEO Steve Jobs and the heads of companies such as Google and Dropbox. He says when the economic news is so bad people want to be distracted by the lives of celebrities. And these days those celebrities reside in Silicon Valley where some of the richest people are under 35.  read more »