You Shouldn't Have


The lights are up, the tree is decorated and it's time to hit the stores for holiday gifts. But you better watch out for more than just Santa, there are some money mistakes everyone seems to make come the holiday season.

Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine has narrowed the monetary mishap list down to ten crucial errors, and if you can avoid them your bank account will be a lot more jolly come the new year. While the recession pain may be easing shoppers are still holding tight to their wallets so here are some tips you shouldn't pass up.  read more »

Staying Afloat


Analysts say the recession is coming to a close and while this is good news for your bank accounts there may be some left over lessons you remember.

During this period of economic uncertainty you made some cuts to your lifestyle and started saving a little more for a rainy day. Well with the sun about to shine again US News and World Report says you should keep up these habits and provide yourself with a better economic future no matter what's on the horizon.  read more »