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Politics and Sex


The sex industry could be moving out of Los Angeles; leaving more than a billion dollars in lost revenue in its scantily clad wake.

In the recent election voters in Los Angeles County passed a ballot initiative requiring pornographic actors to wear condoms during any sex scenes. The measure was sponsored by the group Aids Healthcare Foundation.

It says the “x” rated movies promoted un-safe sex and un-healthy habits. And since the majority of pornographic movies are filmed in the county’s San Fernando Valley the industry is now fighting back.

A letter has already been sent to county supervisors informing them that the law will be challenged because the issue falls under state not county jurisdiction.  read more »

Taxing the Sex Industry

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Need to pay off a deficit? One country is going after a guilty pleasure.

The sexually repressed citizens of Dortmund, located in western Germany are going to have to dig a little deeper in their pockets for some special company. Facing a $133 million deficit city officials have introduced a day tax on their prostitutes. Dubbed the “pleasure tax” the new legislation requires prostitutes to purchase a day ticket for each day they work or face a fine.  read more »

Protecting the Innocent


If you’re looking for work in a risky industry, Britain is making it hard for you to find out about any potential openings.

A new ban is in effect in Britain for the sex industry. Employers looking to hire lap dancers, strippers or web cam performers can no longer advertise at employment offices. A similar ban had been in place seven years ago but was overturned when the high court agreed with a lingerie retailer that the ban was unlawful. But the government disagrees and is determined to protect the more vulnerable jobseekers from being swayed by the lucrative sex industry.  read more »