The Perfect Selfie


These days our lives are lived on social media; and the public viewing is paying off for plastic surgeons.

Earlier this week the American Society of Plastic Surgeons released new data showing a record number of both men and women plumping up their lips. According to the ASPS more than 27,000 procedures were done last year, which means a perfect pout was being created every 19 minutes.  read more »

New Born Fame


These days there are multiple options for connecting with the outside world; including your child's toys.

A new research project out of the Netherlands called “New Born Fame” is asking how young is too young for social media. The woman behind it says she noticed a rising trend in the number of snapshots and videos people were posting of their new additions. So she decided to remove the middle man, in this case the parents, by developing a series of toys that will welcome babies to the well connected world.

That includes a snuggly “selfie” ball that lets the child snap a picture of themselves and post it to Facebook. Motion tracking shoes that register and upload physical activity. And an interactive pacifier that uploads the location of the child.  read more »

Slow Service


Restaurant service is slowing down and your selfies might be to blame.

According to a manager at an unnamed New York city restaurant customers are waiting longer than usual to score a table. And it looks like cell phones are the reason why. In a post on the Craigslist “Rants and Raves” board the restaurant manager described what happened when he pulled surveillance videos from 2004 and 2014. He found that the average time from when a customer walked in to when they left the table increased from one hour and five minutes to one hour and 55 minutes.  read more »