selfie stick ban

Disney's Tough Love


The happiest place on earth is getting tough with tourists.

The list just keeps on growing. First it was Rome’s Colosseum, then the Smithsonian and the Louvre; now Disney has added the magic kingdom to the growing number of places that are banning selfie sticks.

The entertainment company is placing anti selfie sticks around its parks and having staff enforce the ban. Before you take off on your next ride the person running it might remind you to keep any selfie sticks safely stashed. The ban comes after tourists thought it would be a good idea to use the picture taking accessory when the ride was in motion. In one case Thunder Mountain Railroad had to be stopped numerous times because of selfie stick use.  read more »

Selfie Sticks

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Some of the world's biggest events are now banning selfie sticks; making your memories even harder to capture.

This summer's Coachella and Lollapalooza festivals in Indio California and Chicago have announced that people will not be able to bring a selfie stick into the event. Organizers say it's too much of a safety and security concern.

The decision follows the ban on selfie sticks by tourist hot spots such as the Louvre in Paris, Smithsonian in Washington DC and colesseum in Rome. A week ago a large music festival in Miami said it would not be allowing selfie sticks and said not only are they banned but people who bring them will be ridiculed.  read more »

Selfie Stick ban


Packing for your next vacation? There's one item you're going to have to leave behind.

Some of the biggest tourist attractions across the world are banning the ever present “selfie stick.” Designed to make it easier to take your own picture in front of something awesome, the long sticks are becoming a nuisance for everyone around you. Plus people not lucky enough to be in your picture are tired of selfie sticks popping up in the background of their own snapshots.  read more »