A Rainy Day Fund


If you didn't make a habit of saving money, the past year has taught you a harsh lesson. So maybe 2010 is the year to bank a little change and maybe it can be easier than you think.

MSN Money has put together a list of nine sneaky ways to save money. Nine things you can do to boost your bank account without feeling the pinch. Rebecca Schreiber is a Financial Planner in Washington, D.C. and while she acknowledges that these days it's hard to set aside money, even two to five dollars a week will eventually add up. Skipping your latte twice a week could mean an extra $200 a year. A cushion that could come in handy for the next rainy day.  read more »

Rebuilding Your Nest Egg

If you’ve been dipping into your savings account or busting up your 401- k to stay afloat, how can you build your nest egg back up?

Millions of people are looking for work while millions of others are moving from full to part time, as companies cut back. With cash tight, people are dipping into their rainy day funds because, well, it’s raining. So investment analyst Ken Winans says now is the time to plan for a way to fill up that piggy bank a day at a time. While there are still safe companies to invest in, if the market is too volatile for you then cut back your spending. Winans says it’s time to live within our means.  read more »