saving money

Prison Yard Cuts


In this economy everyone is looking to save money. And some people are cutting corners whether they like it or not.  read more »

Holiday Savings


Is the holiday season taking the cheer out of your bank account? Could be time to cut some corners.

Most of us have tightened our budgets in an effort to muddle through this messy economy. But around this time of year the purse strings seem to loosen as people spend more than they can afford on gifts, food and decorations. So instead of slapping down the plastic, MSN has come up with a few ways to save this season.  read more »

Cutting Corners


Recently I reported on items better bought new than used. But if you’re looking to save a little money consider buying secondhand.

To compliment last week’s list of the things you should never buy used. U.S. News and World Report have come out with the 21 items you should never buy new. It says many items usually have plenty of life left years after the original purchase and when resold; it’s at a fraction of the retail price. And there are many areas where you can cut corners. The list has everything from electronics to formal wear to pets.  read more »