santa claus

Santa's Board Meeting


It might be the off season but it looks like Santa Claus is already gearing up for the busiest month of his year.

With just five months until Christmas 140 Santa’s from around the world recently gathered in Copenhagen for the annual world Santa Claus congress. The three day event gathers Santa’s from twelve countries to network, meet the public and get into shape for the busy month of December.

One Santa from the United Kingdom says the congress, which began in 1957, is a way to spread the joy of the season and to share ideas to keep the spirit of Christmas alive. They also have the opportunity to discuss issues such as presents and weight regulations for Kris Kringle.  read more »

Tracking Santa


This year Santa Claus is getting an escort; but not everyone is happy to see his high flying security detail.

Since the 1950's NORAD has sponsored a Santa tracking mission. It helps kids locate Santa and determine how close he is to their chimney. This year for the first time NORAD is adding a twist to its tradition of tracking an animated Santa Claus and his reindeer around the globe.

Now it shows two military fighter jets escorting Santa; something NORAD says gives a realistic feel to a popular feature. NORAD spokesman, Navy captain Jeff Davis says it wanted to let people know that tracking Santa is a military mission and one that it takes very seriously. But not everyone is excited for the change.  read more »

Holiday Cutbacks


The holiday season is facing some cutbacks.

In an attempt to balance their budget officials in New York’s Suffolk County made the decision to cut some holiday spirit. So in an effort to save $660 from the $2.7 billion dollar budget; they decided to fire 83-year old David Mckell. The world war two veteran who for the past ten years has donned a red suit and played Santa Claus for the children of Long Island.

County executive Steve Levy, says he couldn’t justify the expense when a health center is losing money and 750 employees are about to be laid off. But Levy is offering up other solutions. He says private donations are welcome or volunteers can step up to work a shift or two as jolly old Saint Nick.  read more »