san francisco

Free College


College is getting a lot more affordable for some qualified students in San Francisco.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has announced that the City College of San Francisco will begin offering free tuition to city residents. The cost of the experiment is $5.4 million and will cover current students, and allow the school to expand by 20%. In addition to that, low income students who qualify will also see the cost of their books covered.

The money is coming from a ballot approved tax that is expected to be made available at the start of the next school year. People who have been living in the city for at least one year are eligible for the free education; and San Francisco isn't the only city to test these waters.  read more »

Heart and Money in San Francisco


Tony Bennett may have left his heart in San Francisco, but visitors are leaving their money there as well.

Tourists have long had a love affair with the city by the bay. San Francisco routinely gets high marks from visitors for its stunning beauty, great restaurants and easy lifestyles. Now the numbers back it up.

According to the San Francisco Travel Association, a record 25 million visitors graced this hilly city last year, spending $9.5 billion. And 5.8 million of those visitors came to San Francisco on business. It certainly is a great way to write off a trip and pretend it is all work and no play.  read more »

Home Sweet Home


The cost of housing is going up; and hopefully your paycheck is rising to meet it.

For most people a house is the ultimate prize; something to call your own and something to sell for a profit when things pick up. But depending on the city you live in, that goal can be awfully hard to reach. So to give you an idea of the places around the country you can afford; MSN Money has a list of how much money you need to make in order to buy a house in a certain city.

The cheapest big city on the list? Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a required annual income of $33,000. The city also has the lowest mortgage rates of all the cities tracked with an average monthly payment of $700. Close behind that is Cleveland and Cincinnati, Ohio.  read more »

The Irish Economy


The Irish economy is moving up and it's getting a boost from the city by the bay.

Christoph Mueller is the CEO of Aer Lingus; an airline that is now offering direct flights between Ireland and San Francisco.

"San Francisco’s always a very difficult destination for every carrier flying from Europe because there’s nothing behind but Hawaii so you are slowly dependent on the local traffic to and from San Francisco."  read more »

The M Club Lounge


The Marriott is checking into a whole new type of experience.

Last week Marriott hotels debuted it's M Club Lounge at the San Francisco Airport Marriott Waterfront. General Manager Clif Clark says the company is transforming itself. He says with the in-put of its customers Marriott was able to put together a place that combines the comfort of travel with the need to stay well connected.

At just over two thousand square feet the M Club Lounge is open 24 hours a day and is fully staffed during prime hours of operation. There's a breakfast buffet and an evening bar with complimentary appetizers and dessert. And since business hours vary all over the world the m club provides travelers with round the clock high speed internet, Wi-Fi printing and an iPad library.  read more »



It was a one day wish but some people aren’t ready to say goodbye to the world’s youngest super hero.

Earlier this month San Francisco came to a standstill as 5-year-old Miles Scott dressed as Batman and saved the city from the likes of the Riddler and the Penguin.

For most of his life Scott has battled leukemia and the disease is now in remission. His day as Batman was organized by the Make a Wish Foundation but people aren’t ready to see him hang up his cape.

Since Batkid became an international sensation there have been more than 460,000 tweets and pictures about him. Earlier this week President Obama was in California and attempted to set up a meeting with Batkid. Unfortunately the superhero had a pending engagement with “Good Morning America.”  read more »

Google's Barge


Google answers the world's questions; but what happens when it becomes the question?

Right now Google has a large barge floating near San Francisco in a sea of mystery. However it seems the case has been cracked by the local CBS television news team.

The barge is apparently going to be used to market the Google glass and whatever gizmo's are yet to roll off factory lines. It will use shipping containers as buildings and will feature luxury showrooms and a party deck. That deck includes bars, a patio and is designed to entertain Google’s upscale customers.  read more »

Going the Distance


Sometimes a good idea; can really go the distance.

“My co-founder and I live in San Francisco and before Uber it was almost impossible to get a ride. And so we just wanted to push a button and get a ride and we wanted it to be a classy ride.”

Travis Kalanick is CEO and co-founder of San Francisco based Uber. Once he and his partner decided they wanted a town car at their fingertips they developed an app. First they wanted to keep it exclusive so Kalanick locked it with a special code. But once his inbox was flooded with requests they opened the app to everyone; and Uber was born.  read more »

Puppy Adoption Program


San Francisco’s homeless population is going to the dogs.

In about a week the city by the bay will launch a new program designed to get panhandlers off the street. According to the San Francisco Chronicle the program, which is the first in the country will offer panhandlers a small stipend to stop begging and become a foster parent to a puppy.

The idea is called Wonderful Opportunities for Occupants and Fidos or “Woof” and is the brain child of a former city supervisor. First applicants are screened by animal care and control. In order to qualify needs to live in supportive housing and not on the street. They must also show they are not severely ill or hoarders. They cannot have a history of violence and if an addict must be seeking treatment.  read more »

A Successful Bid


Hoping to buy your way into the workforce; it’s going to cost you.

Ted Weschler was the managing partner at the Peninsula Capital Advisors hedge fund. According to MSN Money for the last two years he has been the anonymous bidder to win a private dinner with billionaire investor Warren Buffett. Each year he won buffet’s exclusive company with a bid of $2.6 million. The money goes to benefit Glide Memorial, a well known mission and church located in San Francisco. But this year his bid bought him more than just a meal.  read more »