Samsung's Launch


Its launch week for Samsung and everyone is hoping there are a lot less fireworks this time around.

On Wednesday Samsung unveiled its Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, and with it comes some of the biggest expectations the company has faced. The world's biggest smartphone maker is currently trying to comeback from the problems it faced with the Galaxy Note 7 catching fire everywhere from a person's pocket to the floor of a plane. Now, Samsung needs to boost its credibility while also staying on top of the competition, so what are they offering up?  read more »

Samsung's Diagnosis


2016 was a hot year for Samsung and now we know why.

Since its release Samsung has been plagued with reports of its new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire; and not just when it was plugged in. The devices were sparking a flame in people's pockets, purses, even the floor of an airplane. The problem became so bad that the FAA banned people from even bringing it on board regardless if it was turned on or not.  read more »

Biggest Business Blunders


Samsung is dealing with the fallout of exploding phones and a movie about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill is about to hit theaters. But they aren't the only companies that have hit a rough patch.

MSN Money has put together a list of the top 15 biggest business blunders of all times. Everything from bad products to cringe worthy PR campaigns to monumental fails. For example, Starbucks and the “race together” campaign.  read more »

The Smart Shoe


Your next personal trainer could already be on your feet.

Feel like you aren't getting a proper work out? Do you need someone to hold you accountable for working up a good sweat? Turns out all the motivation you need could be in your shoes. According to the online technology blog “The Next Web” Samsung is developing a smart shoe called IOFIT.  read more »

See Through Trucks


Safety first is going high tech.

Samsung is working on an idea designed to make passing trucks a little bit safer. According to the technology website “The Verge” Samsung is currently seeking approval for something it calls the “safety truck.”

The truck would broadcast a live image on its rear panel of what is sees in front of it. The idea is to let drivers know what is coming in case you want to get around the slow moving vehicle. The feed is from a wireless camera and basically gives other drivers a sort of X-ray vision. But critics are skeptical.  read more »

An Olympic Cover Up


Some of the world's largest companies paid big bucks to sponsor the Olympic Games; and their investment is being protected.

One of the world's most recognized logos is now being shut out of Sochi. Since Samsung is the official electronics sponsor of the Olympics; Apple logos are getting the official cover-up. And usually it's with duct tape.

Reporters on site are sharing pictures and videos of the so called brand police coming around and putting tape over the Apple logos of their computers. The only time a device is safe is when it can lay flat on a table; such as an iPad or iPhone.

Even the athletes are being asked to cover up the Apple logos on their must have gadgets. But the fan favorite company isn't the only one being targeted.  read more »

Wearable Devices


You are what you eat; but now what you wear is providing a lot of information as well.

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas companies such as Samsung, Qualcomm and Sony unveiled a number of new gadgets that you can snap, fasten or buckle to your body. And to make them even more appealing these models are easier to use, have an extended battery life and tap into the powers of gestures, social networks and cloud computing.

One device is called the Fit-Bit force activity band which tracks a wearers steps, calories burned, sleep patterns and fitness level. It's just one of multiple devices designed to target people chained to a desk who are watching their waistlines.  read more »



Your smartphone is getting a little bit closer to your fingertips.

Samsung is now joining Apple in the wristwatch department. But this won’t be your ordinary accessory; these watches will be designed to operate like a smartphone. Some features that have been mentioned in tech blogs include the ability to tell you who is calling or texting you, play music and monitor your heart rate.

So far Samsung is not releasing any specific information about their product including a price or release date. The company did say they have been working on a prototype for a while and a watch is definitely one of their upcoming products.  read more »