A New Type of Shopping


Shopping is getting a new look and big stores are buying into the latest technology.

When it comes to snatching up your latest desire more people are skipping the stores and heading online. But that doesn't mean brick and mortar stores are on their way out. Instead they are changing the way they do business in order to keep customers interested.

For example industry experts say one of the things they expect to see in stores of the future are holograms in dressing rooms. These will allow people to try on clothes without getting undressed. Or if the store doesn't have the coffee cup or picture frame you just have to have shoppers will be able to print out full versions using 3D technology.  read more »

Candy in a Sour Economy

retail sales.jpg

There certainly are some dark clouds hanging over our struggling economy. And that depressing economic news has Americans cutting spending and agonizing about the future. But it may be time to take in a strong dose of positive thinking and look for the silver lining.

For example, one major impact of the global economic slowdown is the dramatic drop in the price of oil—bringing you lower gas prices. Home values have plummeted. But that means you can ask for a re-assessment to pay lower property taxes. Also people, who were priced out of a home in the boom years, can now buy at a price they can afford.  read more »