ride sharing

Price Gouging


Uber is designed to make your night out a little easier; but in some cases the peace of mind will cost you.

It's no surprise that certain nights of the year mean a price surge on your Uber fare; and New Year’s Eve is definitely one of those nights. Now the horror stories are pouring into Twitter with people saying they paid 10 times the normal rate without warning.

In its defense Uber released a statement saying that 60% of New Year’s Eve users were not affected by price surging. Unfortunately that doesn't take the sting away for the people who did pay more.  read more »

Global Ride Sharing


Ride sharing is going global by staying local.

Uber and its Silicon Valley competitors have turned the car or cab for hire business upside down. Download their app, give them secure credit card information, get picked up and in minutes off you go. But this transformational technology has fueled complaints and a few riots from traditional cab drivers who feel these new services are unsafe, unfair and even illegal.

Still, companies such as Uber have gone global with billions of investment dollars. Now a French startup has come up with its own unique ride sharing service. According to Tech Crunch, Blabla Car has just raised $100 million.  read more »

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