resume tips

A Ruined Resume


Sometimes words can hurt; especially when they’re on your resume.

Over the past few years employers have read hundreds of resumes from people desperately seeking a paycheck. And by the time they are halfway through the pile there are a few clichés, phrases and words that will do more harm than good.

To help you edit out unnecessary filler interviewed 1,300 managers at companies all across the country. Their feedback became a list of ten words or phrases that you should retire from your resume.  read more »

Your 2012 Resume


It’s a new year so maybe it’s time for a new resume.

A good first impression can often lead to a paycheck. And since that impression takes the form of a resume is examining ways to make yours memorable. This includes focusing on the agreed upon elements each resume needs and those you can delete.

First on the list; do away with objective statements. Careerbuilder says the days of including a career objective and professional summary are over. It’s a waste of space and can be addressed in other ways such as a cover letter. Instead you should get straight to your important points such as your accomplishments and facts relevant to the job posting.  read more »