A Ruined Resume


Sometimes words can hurt; especially when they’re on your resume.

Over the past few years employers have read hundreds of resumes from people desperately seeking a paycheck. And by the time they are halfway through the pile there are a few clichés, phrases and words that will do more harm than good.

To help you edit out unnecessary filler interviewed 1,300 managers at companies all across the country. Their feedback became a list of ten words or phrases that you should retire from your resume.  read more »

Twisting the Truth


They say honesty is the best policy but is twisting the truth so wrong when it's for a good reason?

The Career Builders website has put together some examples of when lying in a job interview might be more helpful than hurtful to your career path. Alan Guinn is Managing Director of the Guinn Consultancy Group and says everyone has probably shaded the truth at some time during an interview.

Guinn says in some interview cases it can be hard to explain actions you may have taken that don't come across in the best light. The trick he says is to position your answers so you look more like the responsible person than the one to blame.  read more »

Resume Blooper


Landing a job is hard enough, landing a job with a resume that belongs on a blooper reel is even harder.

A telephone survey on 100 Candian senior executives published earlier this week showed more than twenty percent of executives said a single typo could cost the potential employee the job and twenty eight percent of those surveyed said two mistakes would kill any chance that person had for ever working at that company. But don't get too dejected, nineteen percent said they would still consider someone with four or more typos on their resume.  read more »

The Lowdown on High Tech Job Hunting

Technology has certainly gone main stream. But the millions of people using the internet to find their next job should do so with caution.

The internet is the perfect tool to put your name out to the professional world. Sites such as Yahoo Hot Jobs or Monster can electronically submit your resume to hundreds of potential employers. And various networking sites are popping up every day.

Kathleen O’Donnell is a regional Vice President for Robert Half international, a professional consulting and staffing firm. She encourages clients to use the internet to its full potential.  read more »

Unemployment Advice

These days help wanted signs at stores draw a bigger crowd than 75 percent off sales. So how can you get to the head of the massive line of job seekers?

Believe it or not there are jobs out there. Some companies are hiring. In fact Yahoo Hot Jobs Senior Editor Tom Musbach says cities such as New York, Houston, Atlanta, San Francisco and Oakland are top markets for job openings and opportunities. Musbach says in these tough times you have to expand your resources and nurture any and all networks you might have.  read more »