Dining Delights


With millions of restaurants around the world; you’re gonna need a gimmick to beat out the competition.

Not having to cook your own dinner and do the dishes can make eating out a memorable enough experience. But what if you did it inside of a dimly lit cave, or pressed up next to people on a double decker bus? To help make your next meal that much better has put together a list of the most unusual places to grab a bite to eat. And you can find something no matter where your travels take you.  read more »

Late Night Muscle


Late night meals are getting some extra security in New Jersey.

In May an off-duty police officer was killed in a drive by shooting at the Texas Fried Chicken and Pizza restaurant in Newark. Now the city has passed a law requiring restaurants that serve fifteen or fewer people to hire an armed guard past nine pm. If the restaurant is unwilling to pay for the extra muscle they have to close at ten pm.  read more »

Secrets From Your Chef


Thinking about eating out tonight? Well here’s some food for thought.

Food Network Magazine anonymously surveyed chefs from all over the country to get the inside scoop on your favorite restaurant. And you might want to consider a few things before shelling out half your paycheck on your next night out.

For example, roaches in the kitchen are more common than you think. 75% of chefs said they have seen roaches in their kitchen. And that bread basket you devour before the main course? Three chefs admitted that uneaten bread from one basket often goes right into another basket. But it’s not all stomach churning news.  read more »

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Bathroom Dining


Restaurant goers in Boston may soon have a couple more options for eating out, as long as they don’t mind eating in the bathroom.

In a new twist on recycling Boston park officials went before state lawmakers earlier this week, to lease two former public restrooms for use as restaurants. The cities Park and Recreation Commission is hoping the public can get past the idea of eating near what used to be a urinal and embrace the proposed project.  read more »

The World's Best Dining


There is a new list out of the best restaurants in the world. Is your favorite on the list?

S. Pelligrino’s list of the world’s 50 best restaurants was released earlier this week and the U.S. was the most honored country with eight locations selected. France came in second with six restaurants, followed by Spain and Italy who each had five. The list, compiled by 806 of the world’s most respected chefs, food critics and restaurant owners always creates debate and this year was no exception. After an eight year reign the Spanish restaurant El Bulli was knocked off the throne by Noma in Copenhagen. Noma’s head chef only uses local products, an idea Thomas Keller, head chef of the famous French Laundry told me he appreciates.  read more »

A Happy Customer

They say the customer is alwasy right. But be realistic. If that bad restaurant experience leaves a sour taste in your mouth take a closer look at who's really to blame.

At the recent Pebble Beach and Food and Wine event sponsored by American Express Publishing I talked to chef Gary Danko about what keeps folks crowded around his tables. Danko's San Francisco based restaurant just celebrated its 10th anniversary. A celebration Danko attributes to hard work and loyal customers. Danko says the guests pay his bills and over his 40 years in the business he has learned how to keep the money rolling in.  read more »

Surveying the Restaurant Industry


Most people don't like risking their dinner on a restaurant where they've never been. So if you want your meal to be worth your money there's only one go to guide for everything edible.

The 2010 Zagat guide was just released and its pages are filled with everything you need to know about nearby eateries. From the best family restaurant to the best newcomer to the best bang for your buck the Zagat guide ranks restaurants on their food, cost, service and ambiance.  read more »

Restaurant Survival

In todays weak economy, consumers are cutting back on frills such as eating out. Not good news for restaurants hoping to fill their tables.

At the recent Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival sponsored by American Express I talked with Roy Yamaguchi, Head Chef and Founder of Roy's popular restaurant group about how he views the recession. Yamaguchi says its all about location.

"For us we have locations in a lot of different cities so some of the cities of course have taken a bigger hit than others. For instance in Honolulu our restaurants are still doing quite well but on Maui with the failure of two airlines and the lack of tourism on that island our business is tremendously down."  read more »

Restaurant Business Starving


Looking for a last-minute reservation at a hot-spot restaurant in New York, San Francisco or anywhere in between? The good news is you can most likely get in without waiting months for a reservation. The bad news is service may not be up to snuff, since the economic downturn is forcing eateries to cut staff.

The famous (and high priced) Michael Mina four star restaurant in San Francisco’s St. Francis Hotel announced it is soon closing on Sundays and Mondays, after October/November sales declined 10 percent. And across the country restaurant consultants say culinary establishments are seeing sales declines of 10 to 40 percent. That is much worse than watching a client skip out on the bill in an industry with already slim profit margins.  read more »