Read Off Your Debt


New York City’s public library is letting kids pay overdue book fines by doing the one thing that caused the trouble in the first place.

Beginning next week kids enrolled in the summer reading program can knock one dollar of their bill for every 15 minutes they spend nose deep in a book. Jack Martin is the library’s Assistant Director. He says kids are using the library more than ever because their parents can’t afford new books or need to spend that money elsewhere.  read more »

The Enhanced eBook


The world’s biggest book fair is underway and authors and publishers are battling to be the next big story.

Last year the eBook dominated the book fair, with the kindle and iPad replacing regular books. And now those gadgets might be shelved as buzz swells around the “enhanced eBook.” The device will combine the traditional book with audio, video and gaming features.

Author Ken Follett presented a multimedia enhanced version of his popular book “The Pillars of the Earth.” With the touch of a screen digital readers will be able to watch scenes from the TV series based on the book. They will also have access to interviews with the actors and author as well as track interactions on their character tree. And more authors are sure to follow.  read more »

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High Tech Reading


If it's taking you longer than usual to finish your favorite book on your new handheld device, you're not alone.

A recent study found that reading on tablets such as the Kindle or iPad takes longer to finish than with a printed book. But those who take their hobby high tech are enjoying reading more than ever.

The study conducted by web usability expert Jakob Nielsen sat 24 people in front of an iPad, a Kindle, a desktop PC and a book with everyone reading the same short story by Ernest Hemingway. The study found readers took 6.2% longer to finish the story on the iPad and 10.7% longer on the Kindle. But participants said it was more satisfying to read on the iPad and Kindle, than the book or PC.  read more »