quitting your job

Final Thoughts


Need to get a few things off your chest at work? Consider the exit interview.

After thirty five years on the job Michael Stuben was one last questionnaire away from retiring from his job at the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. But there were a few final thoughts he wanted to share and instead of directing them to HR, he sent them to two thousand of his colleagues.

He said that for 30 years he enjoyed his job, but the past five had become unbearable. He says the department had become too political and it was all about who you know instead of what you know. He says positions were being created for people who didn't know what they were doing and people were hired off the streets when more qualified people were already at the company.  read more »

Quitting Your Job

Forget two weeks’ notice; thanks to the internet quitting your job is less about a professional departure and more about how many hits you get.

It’s common practice to give your employer adequate notice before moving on to the next big thing. But thanks to social media and you tube people are getting creative with how they take their leave.

From a letter written on a cake to Facebook messages; now the desire to quit is being expressed through interpretative dance. The video posted by Marina Shifrin has more than five million hits on you tube. In it she busts a move to the song “Gone” by rapper Kanye West.  read more »

The Quitting Quiz


Considering a career change? Time to test out your true feelings.

Every now and then a bad day in the office makes you want to quit and run for the door. But the memory of a steady paycheck often slows you down. So how can you tell if this feeling is just a mild frustration or something more?

To help wrap your mind around turning in your two weeks’ notice careerbuilder.com has put together a quiz on whether or not to quit. It features ten questions designed to determine your next move. Answer the questions honestly and find out if it’s just a bad day or time to resign.  read more »