public bathrooms

A Clean Public Bathroom


There's a new public bathroom open in New York City; and it's anything but a dump.

When you think public bathroom, you think concrete walls, a lack of toilet paper and a constant odor; especially if that bathroom is in the middle of one of the country's most populated cities. But this public bathroom is nice, so nice that it might even put yours at home to shame.

The bathroom which features air conditioning, fresh flowers and imported tiles recently opened behind the New York public library in Manhattan. After a $300,000 renovation people who just have to go can enjoy LED lighting, art by local artists and self-flushing toilets and sinks.  read more »

Bathroom Dining


Restaurant goers in Boston may soon have a couple more options for eating out, as long as they don’t mind eating in the bathroom.

In a new twist on recycling Boston park officials went before state lawmakers earlier this week, to lease two former public restrooms for use as restaurants. The cities Park and Recreation Commission is hoping the public can get past the idea of eating near what used to be a urinal and embrace the proposed project.  read more »