Job Perks


Switzerland is cleaning up the streets; and putting it in a sex box.

Earlier this week Zurich opened its sex drive-in. Nine covered sheds set along the road where people could meet with prostitutes in privacy. With an annual turnover of about $4 billion prostitution has been legal in Switzerland since 1941. So legal in fact, the women of the night are required to have special permits, health insurance and pay taxes.

And the money is good; so good that the number of employees taking up the trade continues to rise each year. So in order to maintain clean city streets and keep everyone safe Swiss lawmakers gave the ladies their own office space.  read more »

Pay Up to Put Out


Late night service is now going to cost a little bit extra in Croatia.

For the first time Croatia is targeting the people who employ prostitutes and proposing fines of seventeen hundred dollars for anyone caught indulging. A number that is twice the average monthly salary for the country.

Right now there is legislation in effect that outlaws prostitution but it only prosecutes the sex workers. Lawmakers say it hasn’t been enough so now everybody involved will be forced to pay up. And the crackdown doesn’t stop there.

In addition to the fine for engaging in that act alone; about nine hundred dollars will be tacked on if that act occurred in a public place or if you were nude in a public place.  read more »

Olympic Prostitution


The London Olympics are expected to boost the country’s economy by about $20 billion; but not everyone is cashing in.

Over the past 18 months police in east London, home of the Olympic stadium, have closed about 80 brothels. This has forced many of the women to hit the corner; something advocates say is not safe for them. And the new location won’t last long either.

While prostitution is legal in Britain, keeping a brothel or working the street is not. The police are denying that the raids are directly connected to the Olympics but are in response to community complaints. However a statement on the London mayor’s website says he is determined to crack down on prostitution in the months leading up to the games.  read more »

Pay Up Prostitutes


The world’s oldest profession now requires a ticket.

Prostitutes working in the West German city of Bonn must now purchase a ticket from a parking meter-like machine before hitting the streets. In Germany the women pay income tax but because they can be hard to track down the money can be hard to collect. These new meters are designed to make sure the tax system is fairly implemented.  read more »

Protecting Prostitutes


A certain group of roadside workers are being asked to add to their uniforms and it could be bad for business.

A Spanish mayor in the town of Els Alamus, near Barcelona has issued a warning to roadside prostitutes. Wear reflective traffic vests or face a $56 fine. The mayor José Maria Bea says over the last months about ten prostitutes have begun wearing the lime green vests over their chosen uniforms. Bea says anyone can be fined for standing or walking along highways without wearing vests but is urging prostitutes to participate since most of their time and business is spent on the dangerous roadways.  read more »

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