Pay Up to Put Out


Late night service is now going to cost a little bit extra in Croatia.

For the first time Croatia is targeting the people who employ prostitutes and proposing fines of seventeen hundred dollars for anyone caught indulging. A number that is twice the average monthly salary for the country.

Right now there is legislation in effect that outlaws prostitution but it only prosecutes the sex workers. Lawmakers say it hasn’t been enough so now everybody involved will be forced to pay up. And the crackdown doesn’t stop there.

In addition to the fine for engaging in that act alone; about nine hundred dollars will be tacked on if that act occurred in a public place or if you were nude in a public place.  read more »

Taxing the Sex Industry

red light.jpg

Need to pay off a deficit? One country is going after a guilty pleasure.

The sexually repressed citizens of Dortmund, located in western Germany are going to have to dig a little deeper in their pockets for some special company. Facing a $133 million deficit city officials have introduced a day tax on their prostitutes. Dubbed the “pleasure tax” the new legislation requires prostitutes to purchase a day ticket for each day they work or face a fine.  read more »