professional business women of california

A Woman's World


The presidential pool is heating up and since 2008’s historical election it really is anyone’s race.

At the recent Professional Business Women of California conference I spoke with Donna Brazile. Brazile founded and runs a consulting company in Washington, D.C. She also managed the successful campaign of President Barack Obama; and spent a month as a chair of the Democratic National Committee. She says Americans proved their ready for change, and maybe they’re ready for more.

“Voters believe we’re ready and clearly in 2008, an historical election we came really close to electing our first female president. Then it’s time for women to step up and prepare to lead.”

And the first place Brazile says they should start is in the business world.  read more »

A Pink Future


The entrepreneur is the future of our country and analysts say that future could be pink.

I recently attended the annual Professional Business Women of California conference. There I spoke with Elizabeth Becker, the organization’s President and CEO. Becker says our economic recession will be overcome by the power of the entrepreneur. And with the resources her organization offers, Becker says there is no reason why the people leading the charge can’t be women. In fact some analysts believe 50% of future private companies will be run by women.  read more »

The Female Uprising

There’s an uprising underway and it’s taking on a female form.

I recently attended the Professional Business Women of California’s annual conference. Founded twenty three years ago by Congresswoman Jackie Speier the group aims to provide women with a support network and help them develop professionally. While there I spoke with filmmaker and advocate Jennifer Siebel Newsom.  read more »

The Corporate Climb


Today more women are undergoing the climb to upper management, but maybe they should go one step further.  read more »