Pay as You Stay


One northern California business is offering a flat rate for a good night's sleep; but only if you're a prisoner.

A jail in Fremont, located in the San Francisco Bay Area is offering a pay as you go program for certain prisoners. In order to qualify inmates must be behind bars on misdemeanor charges and need to afford the nightly rate of $155.

For that price guests get their own cell with shared bathroom and shower space. Additional perks include various recreational activities such as a widescreen HD TV. The $10 million prison can house up to 96 prisoners at a time.  read more »

Poolside Prison


With your country on the brink of bankruptcy; it’s probably not a good time to pamper prisoners.

Recently Greece’s justice administration ordered the destruction of a 24 foot long pool at the country’s largest maximum security prison. And it wasn’t just any pool; it came complete with a waterfall and barbecue pits.

The pool’s existence at the jail was reported by a newspaper in Athens. Shortly after its existence went public the ministry said it had been built without permission and did not comply with the country’s health and safety standards. Greece’s prison association was quick to defend the pool saying the money to build it had been raised and its use was limited to staff and prisoners of the psychiatric wing.  read more »

A Five Star Prison


Serving hard time just got a bit easier.

A small island complete with pine trees, a coastline and private wooden cottages doesn’t usually describe a prison; but that’s exactly what Bastoy has to offer.

Located on a one-square mile island in southern Norway the world’s nicest prison doesn’t require inmates to wear uniforms and also provides them keys to their own rooms. And during the summer the prison’s 115 guests can sunbathe, fish and play tennis.

CNN took an in-depth look at the prison and says the inmates aren’t just low level offenders getting a minimum security sentence. It says some of the people on the island were sent there for serious crimes that include murder and rape.  read more »

Paying For Prison


Most people would do anything to get out of prison; but in Arizona people are paying to get in.

Since July 20th a new state law requires people to pay a $25 fee to visit incarcerated inmates. The one-time fee covers the cost of a background check. The money raised goes to maintain the state’s ten prisons.

Now a prison reform group is suing the corrections department calling the fee unconstitutional. The group says this fee could prevent family members from visiting the jail which could affect the rehabilitation process of prisoners. The group says Arizona is the only state to have a fee like this.  read more »