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The Baby Boost

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The royal baby is almost here; and it's worth a fortune.

We are just weeks away from the birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton's baby. And while everything from the baby's sex to it's name are being kept secret; we are finding out how much it's worth.

According to the British Center for Retail Research the baby is expected to boost the country's economy by 240 million pounds or $376 million. Palace shops are selling baby clothes including union jack booties and onesies that say “born to rule.” Even the royal family is getting in on the action.  read more »

The Royal Bet


The royal baby watch is on and all bets are in.

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are due to welcome their first child in July. So far the baby’s sex has not been revealed but the bet is that it will be a girl. That comes after the duchess stopped herself just before saying daughter when a well-wisher gave her a gift last month. Now since everyone feels that the cat is out of that bag; the betting pool has turned to the baby’s name.

Right now the clear front runner is Alexandra. So much so that bookies have cut the odds on the name from 25 to 1 to 12 to 1. But that doesn’t make it the clear front runner. Elizabeth is the crowd favorite with 5 to 1 odds. That is followed by Diana, the name of Prince Williams’s late mother at 6 to 1 then Victoria at 7 to 1.  read more »

An Affair to Remember

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Want up to the minute information on the royal wedding? There’s an app for that.

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is a little over a month away and the anticipation is mounting. To help the royal family fans get through the next few weeks, the media company 2 For Life has launched the “Royal Wedding 2011” app. Exclusively for iPad users, the app features the latest wedding news and a live feed of pictures of the couple.  read more »

Kiss Me Kate

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You may not be able to celebrate with Prince William’s soon-to-be bride, but you can toast to her.

Earlier this week 1,900 invitations to the royal wedding were put in the mail. But if you’re not likely to receive one, a British brewery has a way for you to join in on the fun.

Castle Rock Brewery in southern England will debut a new beer called “Kiss Me Kate” one month before the April 29th wedding. Head brewer Adrian Redgrove says the beer will be elegant, tasteful and English to the core. Redgrove says they are marketing it as the ideal way to raise a glass to the couple’s future.  read more »

A Lucky Dress


Looking to catch a prince, a London auction has just what you need.

A sale next month by Kerry Taylor Auctions will feature the dress worn by Kate Middleton that reportedly helped catch the eye of Prince William. The dress became famous in 2002 when Middleton wore it in a charity fashion show at St. Andrew’s university. According to the British media, that was the moment her relationship with the prince went from friendship to romance.  read more »

Wedding Bell Bills

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The wedding of the century is just months away, so who’s going to foot the bill.

Britain’s Prince William is set to marry Kate Middleton in what is predicted to be the most watched event since the funeral of his mother, Princess Diana. And with the wedding preparations underway everyone is straining for a glimpse at the price tag.

Palace officials say the actual expense for any aspect of the wedding will never be made public, but admit the final tally might surprise you. Officials say the cost of the wedding won’t make the million dollar mark but instead will be a six figure sum. So who will ante up the money?  read more »

3D Royals

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Want to reach out and touch royalty, you might get your chance.

Rupert Murdoch’s British Sky Broadcasting wants to add a third dimension to the April wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The broadcasting group wants to send the signal to British movie theaters and homes set up with 3D TV’s. A Sky insider says they expect the royal wedding to bring in the biggest global audience in history since 2.5 billion people tuned in for Princess Diana’s funeral.  read more »

Royal Odds

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A royal wedding is in the works and people are already cashing in.

Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton have only been engaged for a couple of weeks but their big news is providing a big boost for some bank accounts. Earlier this week the official wedding date of April 29th 2011 was announced. And bookmaker William Hill says the date cost his firm about $54,000 to people who bet on the right date. A spokesman for the company says that payout is nothing compared to the $158,000 shelled out when the couple confirmed their engagement. And the booking business is far from over.  read more »