presidential race

Election Winners


We’re just days away from the election and businesses are cashing in on the last minute opportunities.

After months of scandals, headlines and debates we are about to make a choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. And while most people in America are having a hard time deciding between the lesser of two evils, businesses are using the final days to their benefit.

A restaurant in the San Francisco Bay Area has created two cocktails named “the Dirty Hombre” and “Nasty Woman;” both terms that came up in the final debate and are now helping people drink away their woes.  read more »

The Bank of Trump


Donald Trump the politician is working the campaign trail, and it's paying off for Donald Trump the business man.

As Trump continues his run to the white house he has been crisscrossing the country in his own airplane. When he holds campaign events he chooses his own properties such as Trump Tower in New York. And when anyone serving his presidential run is hungry or thirsty the food, water and wine they are given usually come with the “Trump” label.  read more »