presidential election 2016

Hillary's New Plane

clinton plane 2.jpg

Hillary Clinton is unveiling a new campaign strategy; at about 30,000 feet.

Earlier this week the Clinton campaign unveiled a new Boeing 737 plane that the democratic presidential candidate will use to criss-cross the country. The blue and white plane has the campaign logo “stronger together” plastered on the side and the letter “H” on the tail. But one of the biggest perks? The plane is large enough to fit the press corp.  read more »

Feel the Burn


The Aids Healthcare Foundation is jumping on the Bernie Sanders bandwagon, but not to help get him in the white house.

All over Los Angeles billboards are popping up that look like ads for Sanders presidential campaign but a closer look reveals a big difference. Instead of his usual slogan of “feel the Bern” spelled b-e-r-n like Bernie it says “feel the burn” spelled in the normal way with a question mark. The Aids Healthcare Foundation says the idea is to urge anyone who might feel painful symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases to get free screenings.  read more »

Best President for Business


This is one of the most heated presidential elections in decades, with candidates all claiming they are best for the economy. Rhetoric or reality?

Truth can be elusive when candidates pander to voters with promises of a chicken in every pot. Never mind those promises could get them in hot water when its time to deliver. Right now each offers lower taxes, less regulation and more jobs to a skeptical public grown weary of empty rhetoric.  read more »