presidential election

Presidential Soda


The race to the white house is entering its final few months and one business is using the candidates to brew up a little extra cash.

Avery's beverages, a 112 year old soda maker in Connecticut is releasing two specialty sodas; one for each candidate. Trump Tonic comes with the slogan “make America grape again,” is a bit more acidic than traditional grape soda and has a bold flavor. Hillary Hooch is a berry soda with ingredients that General Manager Rob Metz jokes are classified but includes strawberry, some blue raspberry and a lot of lemon to give it a kick.  read more »

Postmortem Voting


The race for the white house has gotten so heated that even the dearly departed are chiming in.

It appears more and more likely that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will battle it out to become our next president. And while their campaigns are preparing for the upcoming attacks, the recently deceased also want to make sure their opinion is heard. Over the past couple month’s obituaries are being published that not only tell the life story of the person who just passed, but they are also leaving behind their political preference.  read more »

Trump Good For Media Business


No matter who wins the presidential election, there is already one big winner, the media.

Presidential candidates in this election cycle are expected to spend billions to buy your vote, setting an all time record for political spending. And a large portion of that money will be spent on advertising. And media executives credit candidate Donald Trump for "stoking the political fires." So whether or not Trump is good for the country, he is very good for the media.  read more »

A New Address


So far Donald Trump's run to the white house is staying on track; so what's your back up plan?

Every election season Americans threaten to move to a different country if a certain candidate is elected. And this year, it's no different. According to a recent Google search more than 316,000 people searched “move abroad if Trump is elected.” Hillary Clinton was close behind with 240,000 people searching for ways to jump ship followed by Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz.  read more »

Hacking Donald Trump

Donald Trump might be leading the polls but his campaign strategy is about to be hacked.

The hacker collective Anonymous has declared a full on war on the presidential candidate. Earlier this week the group issued a declaration that read quote “we have been watching you for a long time and what we see is deeply disturbing. You don't stand for anything but your personal greed and power. This is a call to arms.” End quote.

The group went on and asked members to shut down Trump's websites, research and expose what he doesn't want the public to know. The group says it is going to dismantle his campaign and sabotage his brand. And it's a brand that Trump has spent years building and it's something that he stakes much of his presidential run on.  read more »

Candidates and Wall Street


As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are closer to winning their party nominations, Wall Street's reaction to their impact is anything but certain.

Because Wall Street hates uncertainty, this year's election is giving investors the jitters, big time. Businessman Donald Trump is bombastic; with claims he is the best candidate to bring jobs back to America and beef up military spending. But he is short on detail of just how he will do that without causing trade wars, higher taxes and bigger deficits.  read more »

A Presidential Catchphrase


The race to the white house is flush with one liners and thanks to a late night staple, Bernie Sanders has a new one.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently appeared on “Saturday Night Live” in a skit with Larry David where both portrayed characters trying to survive a shipwreck. When David compared Sanders ideas to socialism, Sanders responded quote “democratic socialism, huge difference.” But with his Brooklyn twang “huge” came out sounding like “yuge” and people are picking up on it.  read more »

The Retail Campaign


Election season is heating up as the battle for the white house goes the retail route.

In today’s world the people running for the country’s biggest job have another weapon in their arsenal; their online retail stores. They are used to raise money, increase the number of donors and poke fun at their competitors.

For example, after announcing his candidacy Senator Rand Paul’s online store began selling an item targeting Hillary Clinton. Now supporters can buy a gag gift called “Hillary’s hard drive” for just under $100.

Political experts say the online stores are a way to get people excited about the election, and consumers today are more comfortable shopping online than they were fifteen years ago. Plus candidates get a chance to show their playful side.  read more »

Overage Bullies


Bullies never go away; they just get older.

Election season is over and the months of campaigning have taughts us that bullies are roaming more than the halls of our schools.

“This sure has been a nasty election season. And kids no matter where they live have heard an incredible amount. Messages from candidates on both sides of the outlet are really negative and show the worst side of American politics.”  read more »

Voting based on labeling, not leadership

On this day before a historic vote for President, my memory takes a step back to the year 1976, the year that marked my baptism into politics. Former President Nixon aide Bob Finch was running in the California Republican primary against S. I. Hayakawa, and I signed on as an unpaid aide for Finch in northern California. Finch was considered Richard Nixon’s closest friend, so I assumed his primary victory was a “no brainer”.  read more »