presidential candidates

Bernie Sanders


The race for the White House is heating up, and some people are wearing their support on their sleeves, literally.

Before election 2016 really got underway it appeared the Democratic Party had an obvious candidate in Hillary Clinton. Now her campaign is feeling the burn, thanks to the competition out of Vermont in the form of Bernie Sanders.  read more »

Election Drama


The rift between Donald Trump and the GOP presidential field is growing.

About two weeks ago the Donald stirred up trouble when he questioned John McCain’s war hero status by saying quote he prefers people who didn't get captured. Since then other republican candidates have spoken up and come to McCain’s aid. South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham went as far to call Trump “the world's biggest jackass” and now Trump is retaliating.

At a speech earlier this week Trump read Senator Graham's cell phone number out to a group of reporters. He said it might be an old number but give it a try and see what you get. Turns out it was the real deal, with a couple reporters trying it out and getting Senator Graham's voice mail.  read more »