President Obama

Political Bullies


The commander in chief is a man to look up to; but choosing one can be a lesson in what not to do.

Jim Steyer is the CEO of San Francisco based common sense media. I spoke with him about the impact the recent election had on the younger generation. Steyer says the ads and campaigning might have been targeted to voters; but they weren’t the only ones taking it all in.

“Bullying today often happens on media platforms, whether it’s in cyberspace online or it’s on TV. And the political campaign gave us a great example of negative advertising which often times reach a level of bullying.”  read more »

Defense Cutbacks


The country is cutting back; and the debate over who should trim more is raging.

As part of a deal to raise the country’s debt ceiling; the defense department has pledged to cut $450 billion from their budget over the next ten years. President Obama says this is necessary in order to prevent a tax increase and avoid more cuts to programs that serve the elderly and disabled. But not everyone agrees with that logic. James Taylor is a retired U.S. Army Major and the recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor. Taylor says the idea of defense cutbacks is a big mistake.  read more »

Born in the USA


President Obama was born in the USA and he’s going to profit from it.

Before he dropped out of the 2012 presidential election Donald Trump re-ignited the debate over where our president was born. Throughout the course of his rise to political fame President Obama has maintained the fact that he was born in Hawaii. But some opponents believe that he was in fact born in Kenya, just like his father.

About a month ago Donald Trump began calling for the president to release his birth certificate. So he did. And the long version says that the president was born at a Honolulu hospital in 1961. And now he’s making some money off of this revelation.  read more »

An Emotional President


A leader is someone people wish to follow, but first you have to reach the people.

I recently sat down with author and Doctor Deepak Chopra. In his new book “The Soul of Leadership” Chopra outlines the importance of digging a little deeper when it comes to reaching a position of power. Chopra has seven basic criteria of leadership that include listening, empowerment and responsibility. But when it comes to the most powerful leader of all; Chopra says President Obama falls one step short.

“He fits in every one of them except the emotional one. He’s kind of lost to the majority because they think he’s elitist, he’s distant, he’s too analytical, he’s too smart.”  read more »

Hoping For Change


The world was happy to wave goodbye to 2009 while hoping 2010 would bring down unemployment and pump up salaries. But what can you really expect from the new decade?

U.S. News & World Report has put together a list of four things we can expect from the business world. President Obama has said that the economy has been rescued but jobs are still being cut, so will the actions of the coming year speak louder than our Commander in Chief promises?  read more »

That's Scandalous

capitol 2.jpg

From Joe the Plumber to the Obama Inauguration, it's been an historic year for taxpayers. But whichever way you voted, it was also the year for scandal on Capitol Hill.

From sex to money to sex it seemed every month had its own politcal mishap and things aren't slowing down yet even with the new year right around the corner. Thanks to the state dinner crashers and President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize during a state of war, 2010 looks to be off to a great start.  read more »

A Make or Break Moment

obama speech.jpg

Greeting Congress just back from summer recess last night was President Obama, giving them an unprecedented one-topic State of the Union style address under the capital dome, designed to save his critically ill health care plan.

Media pundits called it the most important address of the Obama presidency, saying health care reform will die without his taking charge of the patient. But that is a big change from the Administrations earlier decision to avoid the failures of the Clinton administration by letting Congress write the first draft.  read more »

Rudy Giuliani Criticizes President Obama and Wall Street

President Obama is well past his one hundred day mark. And while his personal approval ratings remain sky high, America's Mayor thinks his policies are not helping the economy.

While in New York City last week I met up with former New York Mayor and 2008 Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani. Over a long lunch, the Mayor admitted it is appropriate for President Obama to focus on fixing the economy. But he is taking on too many problems too quickly. And the billions being spent on bailouts could bankrupt future generations. Mr. Giuliani says the President's new policies might be more of a mistake than a solution.  read more »

Focus, Mr. President


As a youngster my father was always preaching to me about focus. He was a very successful senior officer of an auto manufacturing firm, and as an engineer knew the importance of focusing on the problem at hand. He said it would help me chose a career best suited for my talents, and focus would help me survive in the dog-eat-dog world of capitalism.

Unfortunately my father is not around to pass that career advice on to President Obama. But billionaire investor Warren Buffet apparently feels the way my father did, because he’s calling on Mr. Obama to focus on the economy right now.  read more »

The Great Recession


The pundits have finally found a name for our pain.

No one wants to call our troubles a depression because that is such a frightening thought. And in fact it is too big a leap. After all, unemployment may be pushing 10 percent, but not nearly as bad as the 20-30-40 percent out of work during the Great Depression. The Dow Jones may be off some 50 percent, but values were down 80 percent back in 1930. And government has a better handle on the problem than President Herbert Hoover ever did.  read more »