President Obama

Presidential Salaries


President Obama is the country's top boss; so how well does he pay?

Since 1995 it's been a requirement for the white house to reveal the salary of presidential staffers to congress. The president himself pulls in $400,000 a year; so how does the rest of the staff stack up?

The highest paid people under the president make about $172,000. These people have the title assistant to the president. Most of them also have a second title, but that doesn't mean more pay. In fact none of them have received a raise since President Obama took office and a salary freeze went into effect during the recession. Twenty two members of the president's staff are being paid at this level.  read more »

A Presidential Mistake


It seems like president Obama has a new hobby.

To celebrate the world cup a souvenir company in England produced a set of coffee mugs. Each mug featured a picture of a player along with their name. But when the time came to unpack the mugs the company found an unfortunate surprise on the mug of defender Chris Smalling.

Instead of the English soccer player; the mug featured the face of President Obama. The company, which has chosen to remain anonymous decided to cut their losses and turn the mugs over to wholesale clearance. In turn the clearance company will try to sell off the mugs with mistaken identity.  read more »

Cyber Warfare

john cohen.png

A Texas teenager is taking his idea for a new branch of the military straight to the top.

John Cohen is a senior at John Horn High School in Mesquite, Texas. Despite being confined to a wheelchair he is in the school’s junior ROTC program. Cohen was born with a spinal disease and at 18-years-old has the muscle strength of a six month old.

As part of his Make-a-Wish request he asked for a meeting with the commander in chief to discuss a new business plan. Cohen says he would like to see America create a branch of the military for people with disabilities who want to serve their country. He says that with the advances the world is making in technology the next war will not be fought with weapons. Instead it will be cyber warfare and the country with the best minds will win.  read more »

The Telephone


We might live in the digital age; but not everyone’s answering the call for change.

At the beginning of March president Obama set a new record for his administration after the single longest phone call with another world leader. The president spent 90 minutes on the phone with Russian president Vladimir Putin discussing the situation in Ukraine.

But in a world of tweets, email and texting experts say this is not unusual. They say the telephone is the dominant tool when it comes to international diplomacy. That’s because not every country has the type of technology America has. Plus when you’re discussing sensitive issues the sound and tone of your voice can convey information without the need of a translator.  read more »

Do Nothing Congress


Looking for a great gig that pays a lot of money for just a little work? You should run for congress.

It seems what critics are calling this years do nothing congress has done it again. On Thursday, CBS news congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes reported on “CBS This Morning,” that congress is in a two week recess, after having passed the fewest number of laws in the past 66 years. And many of those laws that were passed were extensions of bills already passed.  read more »



She is the face that launched thousands of health care applications; and now she's vanished from sight.

When the affordable care act launched the website featured the smiling face of an unnamed model. Earlier this week her image was replaced with icons that represent the different ways to sign up for the now government mandated health care.

At first the mystery woman was the unofficial spokesmodel for the site. As frustrations over technical glitches grew she was even dubbed “glitch girl” by people who tried and failed to navigate the application process.  read more »

Non-Essential Workers


This week the government shut down; and that wasn't the worst news for federal employees.

When the shutdown went into effect hundreds of thousands of federal employees were divided into two groups; essential and non-essential. People labeled non-essential say it's a slap in the face; especially because it's not the first time.

The first labels were handed out during the across the board spending cuts known as the “sequester.” In the weeks leading up to the shutdown it was up to managers to let their staff know who was and was not an asset. The people considered essential were ecstatic and the others began trying their worth and the people who had made the decision were wrong.  read more »

Government Vs. Business


If you ran your business the way the government runs theirs; you'd be out of business.

When the government shut down on Tuesday it telegraphed a complete breakdown in leadership, communications and teamwork. The lack of strong leadership in Congress let a small minority frustrate the will of the majority.

In business you could get fired for not going with the majority after the vote was taken. And because so many members of Congress have so many hidden agenda's communicating a simple message to the public is impossible. Successful businesses are able to communicate messages that grab customers. Then there is teamwork, the backbone of business. In Congress it is all about getting re-elected.  read more »

The President's Day Off


Everyone needs a little down town; especially if your nine to five involves running the free world.

Right now President Obama is spending time at Martha’s Vineyard with his family. And while he doesn't have any official events planned; President Obama is receiving daily briefings.

CBS correspondent Mark Knoller has kept tabs on the occupants of the oval office since 1996. According to him this is the 15th vacation for President Obama since first taking office; totaling all or part of 96 days. At the same point in his eight year term President George W. Bush had made 51 visits to his Texas ranch totaling all or part of 335 days.  read more »

A Political Page Turner

Art imitates life; and it’s paying off.

I recently spoke with author Stephen Enna about a trilogy written with business partner Dennis Wootten. In their books; “Aloha,” “Adios” and “Goodbye” they offer a fictional solution for some of the country’s biggest problems. This includes a rising national deficit, gay marriage and multiple terrorist threats.

“There is a definite thread of reality in the fiction that we have woven here. And a lot of people that have read it and including the reviews that have been done have said, you know this isn’t a bad idea.”

Enna says he and Wootten wrote the book thinking there is a better way to solve our problems then with two parties constantly warring.  read more »