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Presidential Down Time

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Everyone needs a little down time; but if you’re the leader of the free world it could be hard to come by.

Over the course of his two terms in the White House President Obama has started to look his age, or even a few years past it. Understandable when you consider he’s running the entire country during years that have included war, recession and terror threats. So how does our commander in chief take advantage of the few vacation days he manages to squeeze in?  read more »

The President's Day Off


Everyone needs a little down town; especially if your nine to five involves running the free world.

Right now President Obama is spending time at Martha’s Vineyard with his family. And while he doesn't have any official events planned; President Obama is receiving daily briefings.

CBS correspondent Mark Knoller has kept tabs on the occupants of the oval office since 1996. According to him this is the 15th vacation for President Obama since first taking office; totaling all or part of 96 days. At the same point in his eight year term President George W. Bush had made 51 visits to his Texas ranch totaling all or part of 335 days.  read more »