Money Hungry Pets


Advertisers have a new class of consumers; and they have four legs and a tail.

Cats and dogs have become full-fledged members of the family. And these days that means more than just a bowl of food, litter box or walk in the park. Sixty eight percent of American households include an animal. And those households are spending more than $55 billion a year to make sure those pets are more than well taken care of.  read more »

Financial Security


People simply love their pets; and that makes for a good business plan.

Michael Levy is the president and founder of Pet Food Express. He started his career in dog training and in 1980 opened his own training facility. Over the years that store has multiplied across northern California and expanded to include pet products and adoption centers. And it’s a business that hasn’t failed to turn a profit.

“Well we always cross our fingers when we say that but it seems the pet industry has been played out to be recession proof. It’s grown even during the most recent one, which is the worst in my memory.”

Levy says his success is based on setting his stores apart from competitors.  read more »

Post Death Pet Care


Voters in Massachusetts are getting behind a new law that will provide for their pets when they no longer can.

Following the lead of several U.S. states the governor of Massachusetts is preparing to sign into law a bill that allows pet owners to designate care for their pets in their will. The bill was introduced two years ago and makes any mention of pet care in a will enforceable mandate.  read more »

In-Flight Behavior


With the fees and the packing and the delays flying can be annoying. But no matter how bothered you may be there are certain people you should try very hard to keep happy.

A flight attendant who chose to remain anonymous has put together a list of grievances from her days strolling the aisles on commercial planes. The list, given to MSN Travel describes the seven things you can do that would annoy any flight attendant. And they are tips you should pay attention to, since the flight attendant has the power to make your flight as enjoyable or as terrible as possible.  read more »