Public Relations Goes Social


United Airlines is facing a public relations nightmare and social media won't let the company forget it.

Thanks to the internet and sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram incidents spread faster than companies can control them. Last week Pepsi pulled a controversial commercial following immediate backlash from social media and now United is facing the same storm.  read more »



Every company is looking for the next big thing, and it better be out of this world.

John Sculley is the former CEO of Apple and Pepsi. He is also the author of “Moonshot: Game Changing Strategies to Build Billion Dollar Businesses.”

“In Silicon Valley there has been a metaphor that when you have a really fundamental change that resets the table we call it a moon shot so that everything that follows after the moonshot the world is different.”  read more »

Building a Business

sculley head shot.png

The tech industry is growing; and you might need a new set of tools.

John Sculley is the author of “Moon Shot” a book of strategies to build a successful business. And he should know; Sculley is also the former CEO of two of the world's biggest companies; Pepsi and Apple.

“What I learned by talking to business schools is that everything is focused around becoming a better manager but entrepreneurs have to learn how to become builders before they become managers.”  read more »

Skinny Soda


It looks like Pepsi and Coke are cutting back on their own waistlines.

In response to criticism over the country's growing obesity rate the top two soda makers are now promising to do their part. Both Pepsi and Coke have announced that they will do more to market and produce smaller bottles and cans, lower calorie drinks and more flavored water. And besides encouraging people to check out the labels they will also be promoting fitness.

Both companies are rolling out a new campaign aimed at teenagers that talks about the importance of working out to balance calorie intake. All of this comes with the rise of health concerns and concern over the bottom line of both companies.  read more »

A Bad Taste


Think your favorite food tastes a little off; you could be right.

Major companies such as Coca Cola and Hostess keep their recipes a closely guarded secret. So much so, that a tour through the Coca Cola company ends at the safe containing the fizzy formula. A safe made of solid steel bathed in red security lights and surrounded by high definition cameras.

And the drastic measures might be necessary. Coke says its secret formula hasn't changed in the company's 127 year history. Or has it? In the 1980's both Coke and Pepsi switched from sugar to high fructose corn syrup and changed the way they make the caramel coloring.  read more »