password protection



These days everything is online, and the only thing protecting your information from cyberspace is your password.

Emmanuel Schalit is CEO of Dashlane. A company that streamlines the amount of passwords you have to remember. Schalit says these days’ people have multiple passwords on multiple devices for multiple websites. And in most cases they are using the same password for everything which makes the job of hackers that much easier. So to simplify your life dash lane will organize and manage all your password protected accounts. That way you only have to remember one master password for dash lane.  read more »

Phone Privacy


Think your phone's pass code is uncrackable; think again.

Turns out your phone's pass code might not be doing that much to protect you. Most codes are easy to crack because people make them easy to remember. Things like 1-2-3-4, an address or a birthday.

On the other hand some people don’t' use a pass code at all because they don't like the extra step when they want to quickly use their phone. But that doesn't mean you need to leave your information unprotected for the entire world to see.  read more »