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Weird Ways to Make Money


In need of a change of pace from your nine to five? Why not get a little creative when it comes to bringing home the bacon.

If your daily alarm fills you with dread maybe it's time to switch things up. To help avoid the daily grind while keeping a paycheck MSN Money has put together a list of the weirdest ways to make money.

For example a mystery shopper. As many companies look for ways to keep customers in stores and offline they are hiring people to evaluate customer service. Along with being paid to shop a number of companies also offer mileage reimbursement and a budget for snacks.  read more »

Cashing In On Your Voice


Do you have a voice that makes people sit up and pay attention? Why not cash in on those vocal cords?

“We have people who a little bit of it is luck right but we also have some very talented people who've been able to land some big national radio campaigns for significant clients and can make six figures pretty easily.”

Kevin Rasted is the director of on camera and voice over division at San Francisco based MDT talent agency. He says the Silicon Valley boom has created a lot of work for voice over talent, and for most people all they need is a couple of classes and an at home microphone.  read more »

Seasonal Workers


Thanksgiving is right around the corner and so is the season of a little extra money.

According to the National Retail Federation spending over this holiday season is expected to increase 3.6% over the past couple months. And that means businesses are going to need to bring on some extra people to assist the increased flow of customers; an extra 600,000 employees to be exact.

Toys R’ Us says it is looking to hire cashiers and warehouse staff in major cities such as New York and Philadelphia. JC Penney which is in the middle of a comeback is hiring more seasonal employees that last year and says it plans to keep them on once the holidays come to an end.  read more »

High Tech Money


Looking to increase your bottom line? Get in touch with your high tech side.

Everyday people use technology, some are posting pictures to social media or perfecting snap chat while others are working on the next big app. But even the smallest amount of skill could turn into a little extra cash. So to help tap into some potential funds MSN Money has a few ideas of what you can do to capitalize on any talent you might have.

For example, designing a website. This can be easy because of the software available but what will set you apart is your taste, style and sense of design. And if you're good the average income for a web designer is just over $64,000 a year. Or if social media is your addiction offer to freelance as social media manager for a small company or start-up.  read more »

Holiday Work


The holiday season is looming and it could include a paycheck.

Last week Wal-Mart announced it was hiring more than 50,000 people for the holiday season. On top of that it was also going to offer more hours to its current employees. This means seasonal hiring for the world's largest retailer will be up from its rate last year. And Wal-Mart isn't the only shopping giant putting up the help wanted sign.

Kohl’s recently announced it was hiring just under 53,000 people for the season. A number that is 10% higher than last year. Kohl’s currently has about eleven hundred stores in 49 states. Most of the new hires will work in the stores with a handful being placed in its credit operations business.  read more »

Outside Employment


Need some extra cash; it’s the perfect time for a summer job.

If the idea of being stuck inside on these warm lazy days doesn’t appeal to you; has a list of jobs that get you outside and get you paid. If you take to the water like a fish and don’t mind a little responsibility; pools, lakes and beaches are always looking to increase their staff during the summer. And if you’re ok with a little training you stand to make around $17 an hour.

Or if you’re not at home in the water, maybe you prefer two wheels. Bike messengers make an average of $12 an hour. But be prepared, it’s not a leisurely trail ride. Bike messengers tend to work in urban areas, have time-sensitive deliveries and are alone most of the day.  read more »

Easy Money


Need to make some fast cash? How does $31,000 an hour sound?

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of its arrival in Japan, Domino’s pizza is looking for a new part time employee; an employee that will bring in a little over $31,000 for one hour of labor during the month of December. The company is now accepting applications for the job, and anyone who passes that first stage will be called in for an interview.

A company spokesperson says anybody over the age of 18 is welcome to apply. And people won’t be turned away due to education or experience. The spokesperson says the company is a little surprised by the attention their promotion is getting. But if you consider Japan’s average annual salary is $12 an hour, it’s no wonder people are jumping for a chance at a raise.  read more »