Artificial Education


It can be hard to pay attention in class, especially if your face gives you away.

A business school in Paris is about to start using artificial intelligence and facial recognition software to determine whether students are paying attention in two online classes. The software, called Nestor uses a student’s webcam to analyze eye movements and facial expressions to find out how closely they are watching the lecture. It then formulates quizzes based on the content covered during any perceived moment of inattentiveness.  read more »

International Ideas

station f.jpg

Entrepreneurs are looking for a new home and they've set their sights on a surprising place.

Paris, the home of art, history and wine is now becoming a popular location for people looking to launch the next big start-up or app. Earlier this month the doors opened on a new incubator called Station F. The Paris location is being billed as the world's largest ecosystem for people looking to sharpen their skills and streamline their ideas. It will be a 336,000 square foot space that can help launch one thousand startups.  read more »

Climate Change


The face of climate change is going high tech.

This past week more than 120 world leaders attended the UN Conference on Climate Change and among some of the most powerful people in the world, were the most powerful people in the tech industry. And they're teaming up.

Earlier in the week, Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates announced they were launching the Breakthrough Energy Coalition. Other big names throwing their support behind the idea include Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson.  read more »

A Friendlier Paris


The city of love is getting extra friendly.

Fed up with its “rude to tourists” reputation Paris officials are educating locals on how to welcome people with open arms. Local tourism officials say taxi drivers, waiters, and sales staff are often called impolite, not helpful and unable to speak foreign languages.

So to boost popularity officials are handing out a manual with guidelines on better etiquette. The six page book is called “Do You Speak Tourist” and features greetings in eight languages including German, Chinese and Portuguese. The manual also has advice on the spending habits and cultural norms of different nationalities.  read more »

A Broken Hearted Business


The city of love is feeling a little broken hearted.

The “Museum of Broken Relationships” is now open in Paris and is part flea market, part final resting place for the memories of failed love. Items such as a piece of hair, red shoes and an unworn wedding ring are part of the display set up in a former funeral home.

The exhibit’s curator says there is something precious in break-ups because they offer a new perspective on love. The exhibit is not meant to feel like a cemetery but more like a farewell ceremony for unnecessary objects.  read more »

The Most Valuable Landmark


The world is full of famous landmarks; but which is the most valuable sight to see?

A new study by Italy’s Monza and Brianza chamber of commerce is calculating the value of some of the most recognized buildings and monuments in the world. But since none of these landmarks is actually up for sale their values were estimated by looking at the annual number of visitors and the amount of money brought in by those visitors.  read more »

Greening the Eiffel Tower


A French company is on a quest to make the city of lights a little bit greener.

The company, called Ginger wants to cover the entire Eiffel tower with 600,000 plants. Earlier this week Ginger released a statement saying the project would symbolize the reconciliation between nature and man. The company says once the tower is covered it will also provide a perch and habitat for many birds and insects.  read more »

A Virtual Reality


Fed up with airport ticket agents; why not fly virtual?

Orly airport in Paris has launched a pilot project to test out a new kind of ticket agent. They always smile, don’t require breaks and will never go on strike. The experimental agents are holograms; life-like video images that greets passengers and points them to the right gate.

When a real life person presses a button to start the recording, an image of a ticket agent materializes out of thin air. They greet you and invite you to go to your boarding gate while the plane’s destination flashes in front of them. The airport’s director of operations says the idea is meant to modernize one of their older terminals.  read more »

Illicit Business


The city of love might be the destination of choice for romance; but it’s also the number one hot spot for some undercover affection.

According to a new survey Paris is the favorite spot for flings among globetrotting business executives. The online survey was conducted by an extramarital dating agency and questioned 950 people between the ages of thirty and fifty five. Respondents had to be living in a committed relationship and earn more than $70,000 a year.

Fifty two percent of executives named Paris their top choice for an extramarital fling. This was followed closely by Milan, Barcelona, Brussels, London, Geneva and Berlin. The ranking of cities was based on answers and not a pre-set list and was limited to European locations.  read more »

Unwanted Guests


Paris has a bug and its bite will be bad for tourism.

The bed bug problem that has been plaguing New Yorkers has made its way across the Atlantic to the city of love. Bed bugs are usually a rarity in Paris, but an employee at the public section of city hall says more than 600 locations in Paris have required treatment for bed bugs. The employee says this is a significant increase from prior years. And while city officials are steering clear of the term invasion, hotels and exterminators are suiting up for battle.  read more »

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