Company Names


They're some of the biggest companies in the business world, but how did they pick a name we will never forget?

Because of their success company names such as Lego and Ikea are very familiar to us. But how did they choose a name that would resonate with consumers? To find out how CEO's determine what will go on their letter heads, Business Insider tracked down the thinking behind some of the biggest names we know.  read more »

Ellison's Island


Larry Ellison just bought a permanent vacation home and the locals are hoping he’s the real deal.

The billionaire CEO of Oracle is now the proud owner of 98% of the Hawaiian island of Lanai. And with the white sand beaches and tropical weather comes a laundry list of demands. The working class residents are asking Ellison for stable jobs, affordable housing, fewer restrictions on hunting and fishing and a return to agriculture. But not every task is daunting. Ellison is also being asked re-open the community pool and respect the island spirit.  read more »

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