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Higher Education


Thinking about heading back to school? The first thing you should study; is your field of study.

Faced with a job market with few openings many college grads are going straight back to class. Unfortunately some of those higher degrees might not pay off. So to help you figure out which ones have the best chance of success Forbes put together a list of the best and worst degree’s for jobs.  read more »

Part Time Workers


The job market is improving; but not everyone filling out a timesheet is sticking around for the long haul.

In the 1980's contract workers made up less than 1% of the American job force. Today that number has grown to 2.3% and economists expect that to grow. These days’ casual employees can be found in almost every sector. From janitors to computer programmers to security guards more people are working under short term contracts with specific deadlines.

And while that means more people are employed it's not exactly a gold star for the economy. Contract workers have less job security than their full time counter parts. They don't spend as much money and they don't have the same job protection.  read more »

An Employee's Market


It's an employee’s market and the incentives are rolling in.

In some cities there are more available jobs then there are people to fill them. So to help add to their list of employees some companies are now offering perks that include higher wages, more hours and extra benefits.

The Federal Reserve says that in order for the country to be considered fully employed the jobless rate should fall below the 5.2 to 5.6% level. But in some cities the rate is even lower than that. In February; 49 of the country's 372 metro areas reported jobless rates below 5%. Something economists say is likely to continue as the job market grows.  read more »