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Nordstrom Local


Retail giant Nordstrom is trying on a new look; stores without clothes.

On October 3rd the high end clothing store will open a new version of its shop called Nordstrom Local in West Hollywood. It will be a fraction of the size of standard department stores and will offer things such as manicures and on site tailoring. It will contain eight dressing rooms where shoppers can try on clothes and accessories but the store won't have them in stock. Instead if something peaks your interest personal stylists on site can order it from one of the other local stores or the website.  read more »

Online Shopping Sales

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The biggest shopping weekend of the year has come and gone and records were broken at the swipe of a screen.

According to Adobe this past Cyber Monday was the biggest online sales day in history with sales totaling just over $3 billion. A 12.1% increase from last year. And Black Friday wasn't far behind but it wasn't the brick and mortar stores racking up the sales. Instead once again people took to their computers, phones or tablets and online shopped their way to $3.4 billion dollars in sales. About $2 billion more than was brought in on Thanksgiving. And of all those numbers most of the shopping was done on phones.  read more »

High-Tech Fitting Rooms

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Your next trip to the fitting room could get a little more interactive.

Last year Healey Cypher left his position as head of retail innovations at eBay and launched a new venture called Oak Labs. The company's first pet project? A smart mirror that will make your next in store shopping trip a bit more high tech.

The company is designing what it calls a smart mirror that is designed to provide companies with data to increase sales. Through chips in the clothing tags the mirrors will know exactly what items you are bringing into the room with you. If you need a different size, you can request it with the mirror's touchscreen and someone will deliver it to your room. You can even check out or order the items online without having to hit the cash register.  read more »

Personal Shopping


Stores are trying to get into your wallets; by getting into your head.

In an effort to compete with major retailers are personalizing their websites to each and every customer. Walmart is rolling out a feature that will allow its website to show shoppers products they might like based on other purchases. It will also customize its home page based on the customer's location, weather and purchase history. So if a new mom buys a stroller the site shows her advertisements for diapers and formula. If someone lives in Dallas the home page will feature cowboys or rangers gear.  read more »

Target's New App


Target is debuting a new way to shop.

The popular retail store is introducing an app that lets people buy items after scanning magazine ads with their smartphones. The app called “In a Snap” will recognize images for the store's room essentials products. Those images will be in home decor magazines including “Architecture” and “Real Simple.”

Once a customer scans the image of a product they like that item gets added to a shopping cart for potential purchase. The company says while there are multiple apps capable of scanning codes and symbols it's harder to create one that recognizes an actual product.  read more »

A New Type of Shopping


Shopping is getting a new look and big stores are buying into the latest technology.

When it comes to snatching up your latest desire more people are skipping the stores and heading online. But that doesn't mean brick and mortar stores are on their way out. Instead they are changing the way they do business in order to keep customers interested.

For example industry experts say one of the things they expect to see in stores of the future are holograms in dressing rooms. These will allow people to try on clothes without getting undressed. Or if the store doesn't have the coffee cup or picture frame you just have to have shoppers will be able to print out full versions using 3D technology.  read more »

Online Shopping

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The online shopping industry was a hero for the holiday season; unfortunately it was also a victim.

This year more people than ever went online to cross items off their holiday list. And with aggressive promotions and money saving deals for most people it paid off. Until it came time to deliver.

Thanks to the boost in business, shippers such as UPS were not able to get presents onto doorsteps in time for Christmas. Some didn’t even arrive until the weekend after. Now UPS and major online retailers such as and Amazon say they will be making changes for the next holiday season.  read more »

Singles Day


China just celebrated its biggest shopping day of the year; but only people with a certain status were spending.

In China, November 11th or 11/11 is known as “Singles Day.” Starting in the early 90s by college students, it is a day that offers big discounts to unattached young people. The students that created it say it is meant to be a Valentine’s Day for people without a partner.

So on the day; symbolized by the four single digits, people buy themselves the items they have been coveting. And in some cases they buy gifts for the object of their affection or get a great deal on a date in an attempt to end their single status.  read more »

Target Vs Walmart


The battle over budget shopping has a new champion.

For the first time in almost a year Target has taken the title of cheapest retailer from Walmart. And according to Bloomberg the reported gap between the two chains is the largest since the difference has been tracked.

To find this difference Bloomberg takes 150 similar items from each store located within five miles of each other and compares the cost. Analysts say Target took the lead by cutting into Walmart’s lead in food prices.  read more »

Instant Online Shopping


Overly excited about your online purchase; how about some instant gratification?

For any shoppers who hate waiting for their latest purchase to arrive eBay is launching a new service called eBay Now. The service promises same day delivery on any purchases made on the site. And in order to make sure this happens; the company made some changes to its online auction site.

Instead of bidding on a product from a random seller in a far off state eBay now connects buyers to stores in their area such as Target, Macys or Best Buy. Then you select and order the item you need and it is at your door step in as little as an hour.  read more »