online dating

Tinder Select


The dating app Tinder is getting exclusive with a few of its users.

Tinder is testing a secret version of its app called Tinder Select which is an invitation only service for the very famous and the very attractive. Tinder Select will be a section of the existing app that is activated when the user is invited to join. And once you're in you can see the profiles of other Tinder Select members and the profiles of regular Tinder users.  read more »

Orangutan Dating


Scientists are looking for ways to increase the population of certain species; and they're turning to online dating to help the odds.

Orangutans in a Dutch zoo are getting a little help in finding a mate thanks to a new research projects that is drawing comparisons to Tinder. For humans, the dating site works by popping up a picture of a person that matches your criteria and you can swipe left or right based on your first impression. For the Orangutans biologists investigate their emotional responses when looking at images of the same species on a touch screen.  read more »

Open Minded Dating


Traditional dating apps are getting a little competition; from a third person.

In today's tech oriented society there is no shortage of websites helping just about anyone looking for love. From clowns to farmers to Christians all you have to do is swipe, wink or wave at a profile you're interested in to make a connection. Now one man says all of those websites are overrated and a temporary solution to a messy, unstructured database.  read more »

Love at First Whiff


Who needs love at first sight, when you can pick a partner based on their scent?

Love at First Whiff is a New York matchmaking service that promises to help single people sniff out their perfect match by sticking their noses in a bunch of dirty t-shirts. The smell dating idea was created by an artist from New York’s School for Poetic Competition and a researcher from New York University.

They began by shipping t-shirts to their first 100 clients. Those people then wore the shirt for three days without bathing then mailed it back to the service's so -called sweat shop. Those t-shirts were then cut into swatches and mailed back out to the 100 guinea pigs to see if a certain scent peaked anyone's interest. Then if two people like the way each other smells a match is made.  read more »


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Online dating is rough, especially when it's not just your fellow singletons that are rating you.

Tinder is a dating app where people swipe left or right based on your picture alone. A swipe right means they like what they see, a swipe left means on to the next one. But it turns out those people aren't the only ones determining your worth, the app itself is doing the same.  read more »

Celebrity Love


Looking for love with a touch of fame? Swipe right.

It turns out common folk aren’t the only ones turning to online dating. Celebrities are opening up and saying they have created their own online profiles to find that special someone. But the problem is when the regular Joe’s come across the profile of someone they’ve seen on the cover of a magazine they just aren’t buying it.

Most people say when a celebrity pops up they assume it’s a spam account and move on to the next person. Now one company is helping the rich and famous in their quest for love. Earlier this week Tinder launched verified profiles so you know what you’re seeing is the real deal.  read more »

Invisible Love


Tired of looking for love? Now you can create it.

Earlier this week a new app launched called invisible boyfriend; or invisible girlfriend. For a monthly fee of just under $25 you can create your partner’s photo, name, interests and a story about how the two of you met. Then over the course of the next four weeks your fake boyfriend or girlfriend will send you 100 text messages, 10 voice mails and one postcard.  read more »

High on Love

bigger logo.jpg

There’s a new online dating site; and it’s getting people high on love. connects people who share the habit of smoking marijuana. It was started by 28-year-old Ryan Moxon who lives in the San Francisco bay area. He told a local newspaper that he created the dating site while working nights as a security guard in Los Angeles. He said he smoked marijuana and was single and wanted to find a girl that also enjoyed smoking.  read more »

Puppy Love


The dating app tinder is now matching people with a different type of mate.

Tinder got its start by matching people with other users who happened to be in their general area. But if you’re looking for a four legged type of love the app is now matching people with rescue dogs.

Since the profiles of pups in need began popping up last week more than 2,000 matches have been made. Users who swipe yes to one of the puppy pics will receive a message with a link to the organization that rescued and is currently housing the dog. For people looking for more of a short term commitment there is the option of fostering a pooch for two weeks. Or if you’re after a one time hook up you can volunteer to take a dog for a walk.  read more »

Rent a Gent


Turns out money can buy everything; even a little quality time.

For the starting price of $200 an hour Rent a Gent allows you to buy the man of your choice to fulfill a variety of needs. Some of these include fixing your car, cleaning your house and taking you on a date. But the company does have one strict rule. No matter the purpose of your purchase there is no hanky panky allowed; at least while your gentleman is on the clock.

And no matter your needs the price might be worth it. CEO Sara Shikhman says the interview process to select the men for the site is rigorous. She says she can interview up to one hundred men before finding someone she finds suitable. And after that they still need to demonstrate and prove their skills in front of a panel of women.  read more »